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Yahoo answers: I have a small white patch on my gums any ideas?

  • Dental

    I think you should go to your dentist to rule out any serious conditions. It may be that you are just having a reaction to the tooth paste you are using. But to get a definate diagnosis i would...

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  • Proper dental care

    You should visit with your dentist immediately if you notice any changes such as; sores that do not heal within two weeks, red or white patches on your gums, tongue or any other place in your mouth. Oral cancer can be difficult to treat but is cured
    Source: http://www.lamarledger.com/news/ci_27507619/proper-dental-care

  • Dental coding truths and myths

    She noticed some white spots on her teeth and bleeding gums, and mentioned she started drinking energy drinks to help get schoolwork done. She did admit to adding vodka to the energy drink on the weekend, as well as a few cigarettes and some “vaping.
    Source: http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2015/02/dental-coding-truths-and-myths.html

  • Erie County: Poloncarz, Burstein address importance of measles vaccinations

    The eyes may become reddened and sensitive to light while the fever gradually rises each day, often peaking as high as 103°F to 105°F. Koplik spots (small bluish white spots surrounded by a reddish area) may also appear on the gums and inside of the 
    Source: http://www.wnypapers.com/news/article/current/2015/02/06/119489/erie-county-poloncarz-burstein-address-importance-of-measles-vaccinations

  • Suspected Measles Discovered In 1-Year-Old Boy In Jersey City

    Small bluish-white spots surrounded by a reddish area may appear on the gums and inside the cheeks. The second stage usually begins on the third to seventh day, and involves a red, blotchy rash that typically starts on the face and spreads downward and 
    Source: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/02/05/suspected-measles-discovered-in-1-year-old-boy-in-jersey-city/

  • Health officials cautious about measles outbreak

    Infected individuals may also develop bluish white spots surrounded by a reddish area on the gums and inside of the cheeks. In stage two of the infection, a red, blotchy rash appears usually on the face and then spreads downward to hands and feet. In
    Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/news/2015/02/04/health-officials-cautious-about-measles-outbreak.html?page%3Dall

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Slideshow: What Your Teeth & Gums Say About Your Health
Slideshow: What Your Teeth & Gums Say About Your Health

White Spot on Gums - Picture - BabyCenter
White Spot on Gums - Picture - BabyCenter

General Care | Kifer Dental Specialist | Dr. Denise Doan, DDS, MMSc
General Care | Kifer Dental Specialist | Dr. Denise Doan, DDS, MMSc

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