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Yahoo answers: What mental illness makes people think they are really vampiers?

  • Mental Health

    Vampirism isn't classified as a mental illness in and of itself, but schizophrenia can lead to this belief. Most people who do this on the Internet, however, aren't schizophrenic, but are making...

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    It wasn't an unusual scenario. For various reasons, including mental illness, many of the homeless encountered by volunteers during the count every year say they don't want to stay in the city's shelters -- where an all-time high of nearly 60,000

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    Someone may have archaic notions about mental health and overreact. Set them straight. Or let that person think shock therapy is still all the rage. It's time for a weird but charming and effective analogy. If no one talked about pooping, you would

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    Prosecutors have described the 27-year-old as a troubled drug user who knew right from wrong despite any history of mental illnesses. If convicted, Routh faces life in prison without parole. Prosecutors aren't seeking the death penalty. The case has

  • How Nostalgia Went From Being A Mental Illness To An Internet Phenomenon

    It seems weird and perhaps a little depressing to start off your morning by taking a look back at what you did on that exact day one year ago, two years ago and so on. With nostalgia comes a certain melancholic stigma, which perhaps this comes from the 

  • 5 ways pastors help you get closer to God

    “They're concerned about turning to complete strangers because they look at them as though they're weird, but they can turn to a pastor or faith leader who has understanding and shows empathy.” By taking a proactive approach, pastors are finding new

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Paraplush, Stuffed Toys with Mental Illnesses (Germany)
Paraplush, Stuffed Toys with Mental Illnesses (Germany)

Stars with mental illnesses ~ Views Park
Stars with mental illnesses ~ Views Park

Superhero Mental Illnesses |
Superhero Mental Illnesses |

 ... are Mining 100 Year Old Brains for DNA to Cure Mental Illnesses
... are Mining 100 Year Old Brains for DNA to Cure Mental Illnesses

 ... Are Mental Illnesses That Can Be Treated Consult A Reputable Physician
... Are Mental Illnesses That Can Be Treated Consult A Reputable Physician

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