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Yahoo answers: why do some types of viral infection only occur in a specific age?

  • Infectious Diseases

    Over time you build up an immune response that makes the incidence of particular viral infections less likely to occur such as childhood illnesses that are relatively rare in adulthood, examples of...

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  • Immune 'traffic jam' from viral infection interferes with therapeutic antibodies

    The results, published this week in Immunity, have implications for biotechnology researchers who continue to refine antibodies for therapeutic purposes, as well as bolster our understanding of how chronic viral infections impair the immune system.

  • Study links E-cigarettes to increased risk of viral infections

    DENVER -- The liquid used in electronic cigarettes has been linked to a significantly higher risk of respiratory viral infections, whether the liquid contains nicotine or not, according to a published study by researchers at National Jewish Health in

  • Scientists just cracked the viral equivalent of the Enigma code

    “Down at the kind of molecular level, this kind of biology is like molecular warfare,” Stockley told The in a phone interview from his home in Leeds (where he happened to be battling a viral infection of his own). “And this code is a

  • FAO moves against bird flu, viral infections

    THE Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has chosen the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) as a designated reference centre to expand its access to state-of the-art technology in combating dangerous viral infections. FAO's Chief Veterinary

  • Fickle mercury spikes viral infections

    Doctors say lumping of the two infections is getting common. "Eyes are close to the nasal cavity/sinus area. During a seasonal change, when viruses are very active, the infection from nasal cavity/sinus tends to spread to eyes," said Dr Nagendra Shah, 

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VIRAL INFECTIONS - Mollescum contagiosum picture | Hellenic ...
VIRAL INFECTIONS - Mollescum contagiosum picture | Hellenic ...

Get an overview of mononucleosis including info on mono symptoms ...
Get an overview of mononucleosis including info on mono symptoms ...

Viral_infection - viral infections
Viral_infection - viral infections

 ... match any of these Respiratory Viral Infections clinical trials today
... match any of these Respiratory Viral Infections clinical trials today

Viral Infection
Viral Infection

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