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Yahoo answers: When is the best time to cut back young oak trees? I heard november december now my nieghbor says januray?

  • Garden & Landscape

    You can prune your tree any time after the onset of dormancy (leaf drop). Aside from pruning to control disease (dead wood), or reducing the risk of infection from open wounds (by removing dead or...

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Plant Diseases: tree bark, maple trees, tree bark
Plant Diseases: tree bark, maple trees, tree bark

Wetwood disease in cherry tree draining down bark trunk
Wetwood disease in cherry tree draining down bark trunk

 ... Diseases: green growth on maple tree trunk, green alga, dense canopy
... Diseases: green growth on maple tree trunk, green alga, dense canopy

 ... trunk of the tree. The bark is splitting from the tree.Is there
... trunk of the tree. The bark is splitting from the tree.Is there

tree trunk
tree trunk

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