symptoms of tuberculosis

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Yahoo answers: What are the symptoms of tuberculosis?

  • Infectious Diseases

    Signs and symptoms of active TB include: Cough Unexplained weight loss Fatigue Fever Night sweats Chills Loss of appetite

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  • Nearly 100 Sydney children exposed to tuberculosis at childcare centre

    She said the person with TB was currently receiving treatment and there was no ongoing risk to children and staff at the childcare centre. Testing, which involves testing the children using a small injection into the arm similar to an allergy test

  • County health officers may test more Florin High School students for TB cases

    After Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye confirmed Friday that a student with symptoms of tuberculosis did have an active case of the communicable disease, Florin parents and others were reported to be preparing for a community 

  • 140 kids, adults to be tested for TB at Charlotte school

    Although testing is scheduled, there are no indications that other people at the school have active symptoms of TB. "Part of our follow up is assessing contexts for symptoms that might be TB and we've not identified any other suspect cases," Kelso said.

  • Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh Public Schools detail ...

    Symptoms of TB include weight loss, fever, night sweats and a cough lasting longer than three weeks, the statement said. It is treated with antibiotics for about six to nine months, and once a person has access to antibiotics the odds of death are slim

  • Health officials: 16 Florin HS students test positive for TB exposure

    Students who had a positive skin test but do not display symptoms of tuberculosis will be allowed to attend school, officials said. Health officials want to remind people that the latent form of TB is not infectious. Only those with active tuberculosis

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Symptoms of tuberculosis or TB Tuberculosis_symptoms – News World ...
Symptoms of tuberculosis or TB Tuberculosis_symptoms – News World ...

 ... Symptoms Of Tuberculosis?" Educational information for all those who
... Symptoms Of Tuberculosis?" Educational information for all those who

File:Tuberculosis symptoms.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File:Tuberculosis symptoms.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Symptoms Of Tuberculosis
Symptoms Of Tuberculosis

Cause and symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB)
Cause and symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB)

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