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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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Yahoo answers: what are some good first person narrative movies that deal with mental illness?

  • Movies

    The Snake Pit (1948) Deepwater (2005) Repulsion (1965) Pretty Poison (1968)...

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  • Anorexia: Potentially Deadly, Treatable And Still Not Always Covered By Insurance

    Life can seem unlivable. So, here's the really strange thing about anorexia: Despite its awfulness and potentially fatal outcomes, despite a death rate more than 12 times higher than any other psychiatric syndrome, insurers still balk at providing

  • MOVIE REVIEW: 'The Voices' Blends Murder, Comedy, And Mental Illness With ...

    Emotional shortcomings aside, The Voices is a genuinely unique take on the world of mental illness and the troubling things that can happen if a sickness goes untreated. It's also a hilarious take on the idea of humans interacting with their pets, but

  • Speaker at SADD event tells students about overcoming anxiety, adversity

    However, because society has a stigma against people with mental illness, Antisell said he didn't want to tell anybody about his anxiety. When he got to high school, he wanted to fit in with the cool crowd and starting partying and drinking

  • The stigma of mental illness

    KELOWNA, BC, Feb 13, 2015/ / – Getting treatment for a mental illness is often a lot more difficult than simply calling up your doctor and making an appointment. For many people it involves a painful process of accepting that they have a

  • Are You In a Sustainable Marriage?

    Quite frankly, many marriages in a similar situation: where one partner is living with a mental illness or condition long-term; it's not easy. Chronic illnesses and challenges creating a caregiver out of your partner and many times, it is far too much

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Facultad Mental: Tricotilomanía
Facultad Mental: Tricotilomanía

Top 5 Most Bizarre Mental Illnesses | What is Psychology?
Top 5 Most Bizarre Mental Illnesses | What is Psychology?

Ten rare mental disorders – which one would you (or do you) have? |
Ten rare mental disorders – which one would you (or do you) have? |

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