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Yahoo answers: When will gene therapy become a reality for orphan diseases (single gene disorders)?

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    In some cases they're working already on it, but until it will be done as a normal therapy I think at least 10 more years..

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  • UAB research probes molecular basis of rare genetic disorder

    SMS is an autosomal-dominant disorder, meaning the mutation is not carried on the sex chromosomes, and a single copy of the mutation in the gene IFIH1 that encodes MDA5 can cause disease. Rutsch identified three SMS-affected families, and researchers 

  • Single Surrey mom raising funds for daughter with rare genetic condition

    There are only 100 individuals worldwide who have been documented with this disorder, and Tayler is only the eighth person believed to have developed the disorder from the Dock6 gene. Danielle says the geneticist who made the diagnosis submitted a 

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  • Complete Genomics Demonstrates Accurate De Novo Mutation Testing in ...

    Current PGD testing, performed on one or several cells from an early-stage embryo, focuses on chromosomal aneuploidies, chromosomal rearrangements, and certain single-gene disorders but does not detect de novo single-base mutations. However, such 

  • A leader in the Human Genome Project shares tale of personalized medicine ...

    Once upon a time, 35 years ago, in a land ruled by punk rock and big hair, scientists worked hard to pinpoint the genetic cause of cystic fibrosis, a disease caused by a single mutation. It was slow, hard work, but they persevered and found the gene

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... for Single Gene Disorders by participating in a clinical study
... for Single Gene Disorders by participating in a clinical study

... for Single Gene Disorders by participating in a clinical study
... for Single Gene Disorders by participating in a clinical study

Single-gene Disorders
Single-gene Disorders

Inherited Disorders
Inherited Disorders

Clinical Trials and Images of Single Gene Disorders
Clinical Trials and Images of Single Gene Disorders

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