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Duro-Med Deluxe Bedpan, Smooth Countoured Bariatric Bedpan, Autoclavable

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Yahoo answers: What kind of sickness does my mom have?

  • Infectious Diseases

    hives? sounds like an allergic reaction to something she taking new medication? did she eat something new that she is not used to or has an allergy to? Consult a doctor for her.

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    The bacterial illness is characterised by a distinctive pink, red rash that feels like sandpaper to touch. Dr Theresa Lamagni, PHE's head of streptococcal infection surveillance, said: 'The first symptoms of scarlet fever include a sore throat and

  • Scarlet fever on the rise across West Tyrone

    A spokesperson said, “The PHA is continuing to monitor the numbers of these infections.” A characteristic symptom of scarlet fever is a widespread, fine pink-red rash that feels like sandpaper to touch, along with a sore throat. The rash can begin

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  • Straight Talk on Strep Throat

    In some cases of strep throat a rash will develop on the chest and neck. It is typically rough like sandpaper, red, and called "scarlet fever." Scarlet fever, like strep throat, is treated with antibiotics, which Dr. Raizman said usually leads to a

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Pictures of Strep Throat and Sore Throat Slideshow: Signs of Strep ...
Pictures of Strep Throat and Sore Throat Slideshow: Signs of Strep ...

Pastia's lines: red streaks in body creases, usually under arms or ...
Pastia's lines: red streaks in body creases, usually under arms or ...


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