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Immune System Booster for Dogs & Cats. Resist Illness & Allergies and Recuperate From Health Problems Such As Skin, Respiratory, or Digestive issues. All Natural Ingredients. 100% Guaranteed. (4oz)

Price: $17.99
  • ✔ NATURAL IMMUNE BOOSTING SUPPLEMENT - Designed for dogs and cats - Now your pet gets the immune support they need to retain or regain peak health. EcoImmune is the answer if your pet is fighting skin or internal infection, dealing with allergies, or suffering from a chronic health problem. Simply add this powerful booster to your dog or cat's food each day.
  • ✔ SCIENCE BASED IMMUNE BOOSTING INGREDIENTS - Give your pet an advantage in resisting illness. EcoImmune supports the body's natural ability to ward off invaders and parasites and especially helps pets recuperating from health concerns such as skin conditions, dog mange, kennel cough, respiratory issues & more.
  • ✔ DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Replete with powerful antioxidants and organic mushroom extract and Beta Glucans, our formula is highly effective and unique.
  • ✔ VALUE PRICED - One 8 oz bag of EcoImmune support contains a 4-month supply for a 25-pound dog. For smaller pets, please choose a 4 oz. bag. If your pet's immune system is depressed or struggling with an infection or chronic condition, EcoImmune was made for him or her.
  • ✔ HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DOGS OR CATS - All the active ingredients in EcoImmune are clinically proven to be effective and safe, not only for dogs and cats, but for humans too. Simply add ½ scoop (approx. 1/2 tsp.) per 10 pounds of your pet's weight directly to food, once per day. Whether your pet's health has been compromised by a serious problem or as a result of normal aging, our EcoImmune can be safely used for extended periods of time.
Breathe Essential Oil Blend 10ml - 100% Natural Pure Undiluted Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy, Scents & Diffuser - Sinus Relief, Allergy, Congestion, Cold, Cough, Headache, Respiratory Problems

Price: $8.89
  • Purity Tested / Quality Guaranteed : Each oil is GC/MS tested to ensure 100% quality. Analysis reports are posted on our website or provided upon request. All our Essentials oils are 100% pure, unadulterated, Therapeutic Grade and without any synthetic chemicals. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, Try our oil risk free, we will refund you full and also provide prepaid return shipping label if unhappy for any reasons.
  • Size 10ml (0.33oz) : Packaged in high quality dark amber glass bottle with euro style dropper and tamper proof seal cap. Euro style dropper will allow controlled oil dispensing for easy oil dropping for measurement without spilling.
  • Comparable to Doterra Breathe Blend and Young Living Raven Essential Oil , Breathe : Stuffiness and congestion can be caused by allergies or change of seasons or airborne bacteria. Breathe Blend fights back against the germs and allergies and will help respiratory function by soothing airways and promoting clear breathing. It's comforting spicy & warm scent will ease the inflammation and irritation that causes swelling and blocks the airways.
  • Ingredients : Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, Cardamom and Bay. All our oils are 100% Pure, Natural, Unfiltered, Undiluted, Non-additives, Non-fillers, Non-synthetics, GMO-free, Best for Aromatherapy & Scents, Comparable to Doterra's Breathe & Young Living's Raven.
  • Helps Respiratory Function : It helps to recovery faster from cold, cough, allergies, flu & sinusitis. Breathe blend's combined ingredients naturally acts as antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-allergenic to block infection, promote the release of toxins and bring relief without the drowsiness of drugs.

Yahoo answers: Can a rat with respiratory problems be treated and live?

  • Respiratory Diseases

    You have to bring her to the vet and he should know what to do. Most probably the rat will survive, never heard of any rat that died from some small respiratory problems. By the way, this question...

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