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Yahoo answers: what are the pathogens that causes respiratory disease?

  • Respiratory Diseases

    Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, Coxsackievirus, R S V (respiratory synctical virus misspelled) Parainfluenzavirus, Influenza viruses A B and C, Enterovirus, Adenovirus, and the group Picornavirudae, which...

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  • Fatal smoking risks may be higher than thought

    "We were interested in whether smoking causes more than these diseases that are on the list. But when they looked beyond conventional causes, they found that smoking doubled the risk of death from kidney failure and from various respiratory diseases.

  • Province gets a D for health

    In particular, the Conference Board of Canada report, which looked at 10 health indicators, cited Nova Scotia's high mortality rate due to cancer, as well as higher-than-average rates of death due to respiratory illness and diabetes. “Mortality due to

  • With smoking even more deadly than previously thought, more aggressive ...

    The new study also found that the current list of 21 diseases officially linked to smoking may need to be expanded. These findings show that previous estimates of cigarette-related premature deaths They found that smokers were twice as likely as

  • The Case for a True Health Coalition: Who Hears Whom?

    perfectly clear, evidence-based elucidation of the list of modifiable factors that account for the slings and arrows of outrageous medical fortune most common in modern societies: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease

  • Smoking May Have More Ways To Kill You Than Previously Believed, Says Study

    The new study could add hypertensive heart disease, infections, intestinal ishemia, renal failure and more respiratory diseases to the list of ailments associated with smoking to the point where it increases the risk of death. The study found smoking

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Respiratory Diseases
Respiratory Diseases

Asbestosis | Respiratory diseases | ePharmaPedia
Asbestosis | Respiratory diseases | ePharmaPedia

Schechtman, respiratory diseases and circulatory system in pregnant ...
Schechtman, respiratory diseases and circulatory system in pregnant ...

Respiratory System Diseases
Respiratory System Diseases

 to respiratory system diseases. Learn about the various respiratory ...
to respiratory system diseases. Learn about the various respiratory ...

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