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Advanced Clinicals Dark Spot Therapeutic Cream with Vitamin C. Hydroquinone Free. For Age Spots, Blotchy Skin. Face, Hands, Body. Large 8oz Tube.

Price: $11.66
  • Vitamin C reduces the appearance of age spots, dark spots, freckles, blotchy spots, sun damage, acne scars, redness.
  • Luxurious therapeutic dark spot cream is packed with Vitamin-C, Jojoba Oil, and Licorice
  • Manufactured in the USA. Not tested on animals. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Anti-aging cream is large enough to use on your body, gentle enough to use on your face! Can be used daily.
  • Target your dark spots and unwanted marks on your face, hands, arms, legs, dcollet, and more from a dermatologist recommended skin care brand
Sunbeam King-Size MicroPlush/Soft Touch Electric Heating Pad with Digital LED Controller, 4 Heat Settings, Moist/Dry Heat, Machine Washable Cover, 12" x 24", Teal

Price: $26.38
  • SOFT AND EASY-CARE: Easy-care, machine-washable fabric pad in microplush backed with SoftTouch offers maximum comfort for daily use
  • SOOTHE ACHES WITH HEAT THERAPY: Ease everyday muscle aches and pains with this super-soft customizable electric heating pad
  • DURABLE FOR YEARS OF USE: 5-year limited warranty
  • PLENTY OF COVERAGE: King-size pad measures 12" x 24" to cover larger areas that need relief, including spine, legs, and across the shoulders; also features an extra-long 9-foot power cord
  • EASY TO USE WITH CONVENIENT FEATURES: Easy-to-operate digital LED controller lets you switch between 4 personalized heat settings; 2-hour auto shutoff feature helps you conserve energy and prevents excessive heating
Omiera Adroit Natural Facial, Body, Bikini, And Legs Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream, Minimizes Growth of Unwanted Hair and Acdue Acne Dark Spot Face Wash, And Uneven Skin Tone Treatment Kit

Price: $62.54
  • High success rate and fast results (1-2 weeks), deep pore cleaning, works for men and women
  • Adroit is a natural hair growth inhibitor, slows and thins unwanted hair growth, while whitening
  • Omiera labs hair-free set to inhibit hair growth, hormonal acne breakouts and bumps
  • Acdue is a powerful, yet gentle exfoliation, anti-inflammatory
  • Perfect for use after facial, underarms, arms, legs, laser, shaving and bikini area hair removal

Yahoo answers: What can I do to get rid of these red spots on my legs?

  • Skin Conditions

    Hard to say without looking at it or a proper examination. The treatment varies upon what caused it. Please consult with your dermatologist.

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... be worried about the rash and swelling on my legs? Pic incl - TCOYF
... be worried about the rash and swelling on my legs? Pic incl - TCOYF

By monday the red spots had turned into red blotchyness all over me
By monday the red spots had turned into red blotchyness all over me

small red dots under skin on legs stomach arms - JustAnswer
small red dots under skin on legs stomach arms - JustAnswer

Dark Spots all over my Legs and Butt Area
Dark Spots all over my Legs and Butt Area

Seattle Grace Hospital: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Seattle Grace Hospital: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

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