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Pilestone® TP-012 Color Blind Corrective Glasses for Red-Green Blindness (Color Blind Glasses)

Price: $90.00
  • Not for other color blind type. Please do not buy this if you are multi-color blind.
  • Highlights STOP sign. Especially when the stop sign is among some green tree leaves in summer. Enhances driving safety by a lot!
  • Corrects Red-Green blindness. Best results can be expected for red-green weak.
  • Improves traffic light reading. No need to hesitate in front of traffic light
  • TP-012 is anti-UV.
Pilestone Fox News Reported: Golden Mermaid GM-2 Color Blind Corrective Glasses (Color Blind Glasses)

Price: $64.00
  • Free Glasses Case Included as a Gift
  • Please test yourself before purchasing. However, if it does not help, I will refund you smoothly (due to the nature of color blindness, certain group of people will not find this very helpful--BUT, the majority of red-green color blind customers liked this product!)
  • Unisex. Helps Red Green Color Blind to tell the difference of these two colors
  • Light Weight
Pilestone GM-3 Color Blind Corrective Glasses for Red-Green Blindness (Color Blind Glasses)-Clip on, Same Lenses as GM-2

Price: $52.00
  • clip-ons, easy to use on your prescriptions
  • same lenses as GM-2 color blind glasses

Yahoo answers: How often do woman get red green color blindness?

  • Biology

    women get it really rarely it depends on the genes of the parents. since red green color blindness is an allele on the sex chromosome X, men have a higher chance of getting color blindness than...

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  • Artist Tests Color-Blind Correction Glasses

    One of Fenton's friends sent him an article about Oxy-Iso glasses; a lens technology that enhances the wearer's vision of oxygen levels in blood and highlights certain color hues that would normally be invisible for people with red-green colorblindness.

  • Color Blindness Is Color Vision Deficiency: What It's Really Like To Live With ...

    The condition is technically known as color vision deficiency (CVD). The American Optometric Association defines it as the inability to distinguish certain shades of color depending on the type of blindness: red/green color blindness; blue/yellow color 

  • How Technology Helps the Color Blind See a More Vibrant World

    As a result Facebook is all blue because as he says, “Blue is the richest color for me – I can see all of blue.” Color blindness is a largely hereditary condition, though it can be caused by damage to the optic nerve due to trauma or disease. Red-green

  • True colors not seen by those with this blindness

    He said there's often little or no symptoms, and those who are color blind see normally except that certain colors are confusing to them. He said people who are color blind can easily be confused by different shades of red or green, while a few get

  • Why your games should play well with disabilities

    As you can tell, the game with its default colors makes some of the orbs that you're supposed to collect almost impossible to tell from one another. And protanopia - another form of red/green color blindness- makes it literally impossible. Thus, the

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Red-Green Color Blindness Test | Two Docs' Color Vision Tests
Red-Green Color Blindness Test | Two Docs' Color Vision Tests

The colors through the eyes a color blind person (12 pics) - Izismile ...
The colors through the eyes a color blind person (12 pics) - Izismile ...

Red/green color blindness
Red/green color blindness

Color Blindness Tests & Identification
Color Blindness Tests & Identification

Color blindness - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Color blindness - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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