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Alpha Pet Zone Coconut Oil for Dogs, Treatment for Itchy Skin, Dry Elbows, Paws and Nose (16 oz)

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  • ORGANIC, VIRGIN AND VEGAN TO THE RESCUE, whether you apply this lotion on hot spots or rashes of a big dog or puppy or feed them this mct immune brain superfood for cognitive support, you'll see amazing recovery and results compared to medicated antibiotic products and ointment
  • ALL NATURAL, MOST EFFECTIVE, BEST SOLUTION for your pet's sensitive coat; unlike some alternatives, this is chemical free so it is an ideal soothing aid for pets itching from mites and flea bites or those prone to itchy allergies, yeast, fungus or itching problems
  • CANINE HYGIENE REMEDY RECOMMENDED BY VETS, not only removes dandruff and reduces itching, irritations and scratching conditions; it is also a conditioner and moisturizer which treats and removes the need for dander remover spray
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O'Neill UV Sun Protection Women's Basic Skins Long Sleeve Crew Rashguard, Riviera, Large

Price: $30.95
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones
  • Performance Fit: Form fitting tight layer fits like a second skin
  • Rash Protection
  • 50+ UV Protection Factor
  • Crew-neck rashguard top featuring long sleeves and screenprint logo on chest
  • UPF 50+
  • 6oz. Polyester/Spandex Short Sleeve Crew - Quick Dry, 4-way stretch
Dr. Smith's Caregiver's Choice Touch Free Adult Barrier Spray, 3.5 Ounce

List price: $11.99
Price: $9.57
  • No need to rub in after spraying affected areas
  • Gentle touch free spray goes on evenly to soothe, treat and protect affected areas
  • Soothing relief from first use
  • Contains 1 - 3.5oz can of spray
  • Safe and environmentally friendly. Contains 10% zinc oxide.

Yahoo answers: What could be causing a rash all over the body?

  • Other - Health

    As a healthcare provider I believe too it is an allergy. The other possibility is a drug reaction (unless you have not received any new drugs). When you say you got an allergy shot, I believe you...

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  • Fitbit says users can avoid rashes by giving their skin a break

    Apparently, Fitbit's rash-ridden problems aren't over yet. An ABC7 News San Francisco report says the publication discovered over 200 cases on social media of people complaining about getting rashes from wearing Fitbit's bands. The company told Recode 
    Source: http://www.engadget.com/2015/02/12/fitbit-rashes/

  • A new category: Unhealthy wearables. FitBit Surge causing rashes

    Some users of Fitbit's lastest device, the Surge smartwatch, have reported rash and skin irritation on their wrists, and it seems the only productive answer for a remedy is to just take it off. Fitbit told TechCrunch that a small amount of users have
    Source: http://medcitynews.com/2015/02/fitbit-recommends-giving-wrist-breather-surge-smartwatch-causes-rash/

  • Fitbit Says 'Give Your Wrists a Rest' as Users Complain of Skin Rashes

    Four months after its launch, the Fitbit Surge has become a hot topic on Twitter as users are complaining about skin rashes and irritation after wearing the fitness tracker. If it rings a bell, Fitbit last year too had to pull its Fitbit Force from the
    Source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/wearables/news/fitbit-says-give-your-wrists-a-rest-as-users-complain-of-skin-rashes-660038

  • Woman Discovers Bizarre Culprit Causing Her Skin Rashes

    If you become sick when you're traveling in another country, you're likely to assume something in your new surroundings is to blame — whether it's the food, water or something else. But for Lauren Paradise, her painful allergic reaction came from
    Source: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/health/woman-discovers-bizarre-culprit-causing-her-skin-rashes

  • Fitbit rash complaints start popping up, again

    Fitbit is back in the news again for skin irritation problems nearly a year after the company was forced to initiate a product recall for a similar issue. This time around, however, the rashes doesn't appear to be as widespread as the those that
    Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2883396/fitbit-rash-complaints-start-popping-up-again.html

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Skin rashes
Skin rashes

Skin Rash – Itchy Skin Rashes
Skin Rash – Itchy Skin Rashes

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