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Yahoo answers: I get scars behind my ears from my glasses. How can I stop this?

  • Other - Health

    I've been wearing glasses for 19 years. If your glasses are heavy you'd most likely get marks on where the bridge pieces rest. You may find that the glasses are too narrow for your head or that...

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Rash started behind her ears and moved to the trunk of her body! :(
Rash started behind her ears and moved to the trunk of her body! :(

... clinical description scaly rash behind the ear submitted by ian mccoll
... clinical description scaly rash behind the ear submitted by ian mccoll

... rash behind ears signify? Know more about this in the article below
... rash behind ears signify? Know more about this in the article below

Free for All: Pierced ears....possible rash?(photos)
Free for All: Pierced ears....possible rash?(photos)

The measles rash often appears behind the ears when it starts on the ...
The measles rash often appears behind the ears when it starts on the ...

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