rarest disease on earth

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Yahoo answers: Why does god bring people to this earth just to watch them suffer?

  • Psychology

    It is a very simple answer: God does not exist. We need not look beyond ourselves for the culprit. We are the ones who bring children into this world. If we were created in God's image, and He...

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  • Saving our fisheries and feeding a growing population are both possible

    Today, doctors say that switching from red meat to seafood can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer in humans. Unfortunately, we've overdone it at the big seafood buffet: industrial fishing and bad management An oyster farmer is that rarest
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  • Meet the “Tree Man,” Who Has One of the Rarest Diseases on Earth

    You may have seen photos of Debe Koswara, the Indonesian man with hands and feet that resemble tree bark. His bizarre condition got him the nickname “The Tree Man of Java.” What is actually covering Koswara are warts that started growing on him when 
    Source: http://firsttoknow.com/meet-the-tree-man-who-has-one-of-the-rarest-diseases-on-earth/

  • 15 endangered animals to watch in 2015

    It's too early to know if we're seeing a full-blown mass extinction — Earth has had five such events before, but this would be the first in human history and the first with our help. Studies suggest the current pace of vaquita is Earth's smallest
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Discoveryon: Rarest rock discovered from India
Discoveryon: Rarest rock discovered from India

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BEAUTY OF WILDLIFE: The Strangest and Rarest Animals in the World

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The 10 Rarest Animals in the World

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15 Most Horrifying Rare Diseases (NSFL)

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Sally and Sam: Lucas Hembree and his dog Juno

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