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Yahoo answers: What are rare and incurable heart diseases?

  • Heart Diseases

    Most any heart disease is incurable to me. I have had 4 heart attacks, bypass surgery and pacemaker with defibrillator and constantly have fluid retention. I take blood thinner, diuretics and...

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  • Lindsay Lohan contracts rare, incurable disease in Bora Bora

    The actress was vacationing in Bora Bora over the holidays when she reportedly contracted the uber rare and incurable Chikungunya virus. She first posted mention of it on Instagram last month, but it's safe to say, no one really took her seriously.
    Source: http://www.dose.ca/2015/01/23/lindsay-lohan-contracts-rare-incurable-disease-bora-bora

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Suffering From A Rare, Incurable Disease, Seeks Specialist ...

    Symptoms of the nasty illness, which was caused by something as tiny as a MOSQUITO BITE, include fatigue, aching joints, fever, and a rash, and even though Li-Lo has now been discharged from hospital, she is still seeking specialist care in a bid to 
    Source: https://uk.celebrity.yahoo.com/gossip/omg/lindsay-lohan-is-suffering-from-a-rare--incurable-disease--seeks-specialist-care-in-london-133330321.html

  • Inspirational Oscar: Nominations that touch hearts

    The documentary short subject focuses on a young Polish couple, Tomasz Sliwinski and Magda Hueckel, and their now-4-year-old son, Leo, who has an incurable disorder known as Ondine's Curse. This rare disease prevents Leo from breathing when 
    Source: http://archive.courierpostonline.com/usatoday/article/23159379

  • Karen Shepard suffering from rare disease that means her body is slowly ...

    After extensive testing doctors diagnosed Ms Shepard with the incurable condition. β€œIt was terrifying, I didn't recognise the person in the mirror because it had eaten away who I was,” she said. With no targeted treatments available for the rare
    Source: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/karen-shepard-suffering-from-rare-disease-that-means-her-body-is-slowly-turning-to-stone/story-fnn8dlfs-1227219128062

  • Movie review: Julianne Moore gives a raw, singular performance in unevenly ...

    Alice and John initially tackle her diagnosis like academics, channeling their formidable education toward outwitting an incurable foe. Eventually, Alice accepts and grapples Alice also copes with the effects of her disease on her family, starting
    Source: http://www.indyweek.com/arts/archives/2015/02/13/movie-review-julianne-moore-gives-a-raw-singular-performance-in-unevenly-written-still-alice

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Life Destroying, Rare, "Incurable" Skin Disease Resolved - Dangerous ...
Life Destroying, Rare, "Incurable" Skin Disease Resolved - Dangerous ...

Incurable Diseases
Incurable Diseases

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Top 10 weird diseases in the world - KlikMax

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Ten Rare Diseases That Cannot Be Cured | 10Tips4U

Life Destroying, Rare, "Incurable" Skin Disease Resolved - Dangerous ...
Life Destroying, Rare, "Incurable" Skin Disease Resolved - Dangerous ...

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