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Vitiligo Treatment: Get Rid of White Spots on Skin and Improve Skin Pigmentation - Includes: Picrorhiza, L-Phenylalanine, and More

Price: $47.00
  • Regardless of your age, how widespread your vitiligo is, or what conventional treatment you currently use as part of your day-to-day treatment, Callumae can be used to compliment any existing therapies (UVA, UVB, PUVA)
  • Contains l-phenylalanine: clinical research shows that this amino acid produces good results in both children and adults with vitiligo, when combined with light therapy; after 12 months of therapy, nearly full repigmentation was observed on the face in 63% of subjects, on the back in 59%, arms in 58%, trunk in 57% and legs in 56%
  • The most common spots for pigment loss include: Body folds, body openings, choroid of the eye, exposed areas, hair and locations of previous injury
  • Use in conjunction with light therapy (or natural sun light) to help get the most repigmentation to your skin
  • Contains vitamin b12 and folic acid: A clinical study of people with actively spreading vitiligo was conducted where subjects took a combination of vitamin B12, folate and vitamin C along with UVB therapy; the results showed that 100% of subjects had a halt in depigmentation, and induction of repigmentation in 6-8 weeks
Vintage photo of People doing a light therapy treatment

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Yahoo answers: What is a good remedy for psoriasis?

  • Skin Conditions

    Try these home remedies: With regular doses of intense sun, 95 percent of psoriasis sufferers improve. It's the ultraviolet waves that fight psoriasis, and the UVB rays work the fastest. But...

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    While I didn't do well with methotrexate or Amevive, and I haven't used phototherapy in a while, going to the hospital or clinic can be a life saver if effective for you (some have used phototherapy at home to make light treatment much more accessible

  • Treat Psoriasis at Home: Ultraviolet Lamps

    They identified 196 people with psoriasis at 14 hospital dermatology departments in the Netherlands. Then they randomized patients to receive either UVB light therapy at home or as an outpatient at a hospital. Both the people treated at home and in a 

  • Evidence-based recs issued for systemic care in psoriasis

    (HealthDay)—For appropriately selected patients with psoriasis, combining biologics with other systemic treatments, including phototherapy, oral medications, or other biologic, may result in greater efficacy with minimized toxicity, according to

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Psoriasis Treatment Body UVB Instrument, View psoriasis, Smart Product ...
Psoriasis Treatment Body UVB Instrument, View psoriasis, Smart Product ...

Slideshow: Moderate to Severe Psoriasis, What It Looks Like, and ...
Slideshow: Moderate to Severe Psoriasis, What It Looks Like, and ...

UVB 311nm Phototherapy Psoriasis Virgilio Eczema Treatment, View UVB ...
UVB 311nm Phototherapy Psoriasis Virgilio Eczema Treatment, View UVB ...

psoriasis uvb treatment Psoriasis UVB Treatment UVB Phototherapy ...
psoriasis uvb treatment Psoriasis UVB Treatment UVB Phototherapy ...

UVB sun lamp – the state of art device for psoriasis treatment | UVB ...
UVB sun lamp – the state of art device for psoriasis treatment | UVB ...

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