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Yahoo answers: Can shingles during pregnancy be harmful? How do I keep my children from getting chickenpox?

  • Infectious Diseases

    If you have shingles, your kids are already exposed, so you can't do anything about it. You should get them vaccinated. But it's not a big deal in kids (just for the pregnant mom who has to care...

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Shingles Pictures
Shingles Pictures

Fast Shingles Treatment To Cure Shingles | How To Cure Shingles - Fast ...
Fast Shingles Treatment To Cure Shingles | How To Cure Shingles - Fast ...

shingles rash pictures 3
shingles rash pictures 3

Pics Of Shingles Rash And Blisters | How To Cure Shingles - Fast ...
Pics Of Shingles Rash And Blisters | How To Cure Shingles - Fast ...

Shingles Medical, Health & Disease Pictures & Images
Shingles Medical, Health & Disease Pictures & Images

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