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    Around 30 pounds is normal to gain for pregnancy! Where Does the Extra Weight Go During Pregnancy? Baby 8 pounds Placenta 2-3 pounds Amniotic fluid 2-3 pounds Breast tissue 2-3 pounds...

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  • Pica and Pregnant Women - Why Eating Non-Food Items Is Bad for You

    For the last 10 years, 39-year-old Stephen Kitheka has been selling small pieces of stone at his roadside stall in Kibera's Toi market. In the same stall, Kitheka also sells second-hand shoes. While both items sell fairly well, the stones are what have
    Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201502040627.html

  • Magpie habits during pregnancy:

    Pica could cause anemia by binding with iron or other micronutrients.It is believed that pica cravings are the body's attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are missing through normal food consumption. Even when there is a lot of iron in consumed
    Source: http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Magpie-habits-during-pregnancy-20150127

  • Could you be anaemic?

    Do you feel weak all the time or experience dizziness every now and again? Dr Doreen Brady-West, consultant haematologist at the Interestingly, some persons may develop a craving for unusual substances like ice or chalk, known as pica. If the
    Source: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/allwoman/Could-you-be-anaemic-

  • Pica in pregnant teens linked to low iron

    In a study of 158 pregnant teenagers in Rochester, New York, nearly half engaged in pica, the craving and intentional consumption of ice, cornstarch, vacuum dust, baby powder and soap, and other nonfood items, reports a new Cornell study. Moreover
    Source: http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2014/08/pica-pregnant-teens-linked-low-iron

  • The Old And Mysterious Practice Of Eating Dirt, Revealed

    The immune system is slightly suppressed during pregnancy, protecting the fetus from rejection. But that also makes the body more susceptible to harm by toxins (hence the warnings against eating raw cheese and sushi). Pica sufferers also tend to be 
    Source: http://kuow.org/post/old-and-mysterious-practice-eating-dirt-revealed

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Is It Normal to Have Pica During Pregnancy?
Is It Normal to Have Pica During Pregnancy?

Feces and dirt, sand, clay and other earth materials can carry ...
Feces and dirt, sand, clay and other earth materials can carry ...

Some pica substances may contain toxic compounds or quantities of ...
Some pica substances may contain toxic compounds or quantities of ...

Antibiotics for Anemia - Anemia Antibiotics Cause
Antibiotics for Anemia - Anemia Antibiotics Cause

Weirdest Diseases – Part IX – Pica
Weirdest Diseases – Part IX – Pica

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