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Yahoo answers: What are the medical causes of pica in dogs?

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    The first link ... I realize the link begins with coprophagy but it discusses pica. From everything I've read, they really don't know why an animal eats rocks or items other than food. They...

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  • Palo Alto joins push toward divestment from fossil fuel

    Eileen Altman is an associate minister at First Congregational Church in Palo Alto and a PICA member who spoke at the City Council meeting. "As Christians, we share a core set of values Eating too much food causes heart attacks. Smoking causes cancer.
    Source: http://www.paloaltoonline.com/square/2015/02/11/palo-alto-joins-push-toward-divestment-from-fossil-fuel

  • Could you be anaemic?

    Interestingly, some persons may develop a craving for unusual substances like ice or chalk, known as pica. If the anaemia is a result of the destruction of red blood cells, then the person may also present with jaundice, causing a yellow discolouration
    Source: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/allwoman/Could-you-be-anaemic-

  • Prosecutors face uphill battle to convict Overton second time

    Moritz testified in a deposition in the middle of Overton's first trial that Andrew's behavior, specifically extreme eating habits, were consistent with emotional deprivation syndrome and pica, an eating disorder that causes excessive eating and an
    Source: http://www.caller.com/news/local-news/prosecutors-face-uphill-battle-to-convict-overton-second-time_09443067

  • Postcard from Perth: Fringe World week two

    Last weekend kicked off for me on Friday night with three shows: none of them part of the handpicked Blue Room/PICA Summer Nights season or in conventional theatre spaces. In fact two of them were in circus tents and/or circus-related in content. As
    Source: http://dailyreview.crikey.com.au/postcard-from-perth-fringe-world-week-two/18710

  • Postcard from Perth: Fringe World week one

    My second treat for the evening was Kraken, across the way at PICA. Trygve He plays an avatar of his familiar dopey geeky lovelorn harlequin persona, who in this instance has a hyperactive form of waking REM which causes him to continually hallucinate.
    Source: http://dailyreview.crikey.com.au/postcard-from-perth-fringe-world-week-one/18157

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Weirdest Diseases – Part IX – Pica
Weirdest Diseases – Part IX – Pica

PICA - Causes - Symptoms - Diagnosis - Treatment - Support Groups ...
PICA - Causes - Symptoms - Diagnosis - Treatment - Support Groups ...

Pica - children, causes, DSM, adults, drug, examples, people, used
Pica - children, causes, DSM, adults, drug, examples, people, used

Top 10 weird diseases
Top 10 weird diseases

Pica -- The Eating Disorder That Causes Strange Cravings
Pica -- The Eating Disorder That Causes Strange Cravings

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    Causes. Pica is seen more in young children than adults. Between 10% and 32% of children ages 1 - 6 have these behaviors. Pica can also occur during pregnancy.
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