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Yahoo answers: What type of graduate program should I attend if I want to become a clinical neuropsychologist?

  • Higher Education (University +)

    Hi, I am also planning on becoming a neuropsychologist. Based on my experience in speaking with neuropsychologists, your best bet is to first of all, attend an APA accredited graduate program....

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  • It took a singer for Pack of Wolves to find its ferocity

    Sitting at Aubrey's in Bearden, Spica and Von Comare talk about the origins of the Chattanooga-based band. Spica, a Knoxville-based forensic neuropsychologist and a veteran of the Detroit music scene, co-founded a band called Pontiac Blue in 2011 at

  • Dr. Phil Kronk: Why is schizophrenia so difficult to treat?

    Philip Kronk, M.S., Ph.D. is a semi-retired clinical and neuropsychologist. Dr. Kronk has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a post-doctoral masters of science in Clinical Psychopharmacology. He has assessed and treated children, adolescents and adults

  • Local man supports unique programs to help brain injury victims

    Clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Samantha Backhaus implements those programs at the hospital's neurology rehabilitation center and sees the difference they make in people's lives on a daily basis. "I have had numerous individuals come back and tell me

  • A study in contrasts when it comes to concussions

    20150212_concussion_new This year's Super Bowl provided a glimpse at how far the National Football League has come in its handling of concussions – as well as a look at how far it has to go. The game featured at least two instances of players appearing 

  • The 'Untold Story' Of Chris Kyle's Killer

    According to Dr. C. Alan Hopewell, former Senior Neuropsychologist for the Department of the Army, Routh's actions indicate paranoid schizophrenia. PTSD has been endlessly ripped out of its context. Our organization is essentially the only one looking

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What Does a Neuropsychologist Do, Exactly?
What Does a Neuropsychologist Do, Exactly?

Neuropsychologist Salary, How to earn?
Neuropsychologist Salary, How to earn?

Neuropsychologist. Causes, symptoms, treatment Neuropsychologist
Neuropsychologist. Causes, symptoms, treatment Neuropsychologist

Melbourne Neuropsychologist: Neuropsychological Testing, Evaluation ...
Melbourne Neuropsychologist: Neuropsychological Testing, Evaluation ...

neuropsychologists traumatic brain injury diagnosis
neuropsychologists traumatic brain injury diagnosis

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