neurological disorders in toddlers

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Yahoo answers: Why are smart kids on shows often depicted as having allergies, asthma, skin conditions and glasses?

  • Mental Health

    Yes auto immune disorders do include IQ. It is a stereotype, but a pretty accurate one. I am dyslexic, have an epi pen and am gifted. I have tested betw 147-163 My father is asperger's and has...

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  • He's their little 'Angelman'

    Symptoms of the condition include seizures, developmental and neurological delays, sleep dysfunction, balance and motor skill problems. Matt McGahhey said some patients with the condition never will walk and most don't walk until later childhood.

  • READi lab detects autism spectrum disorder earlier

    These are the kind of play-based evaluations the UW Research in Early Autism Detection and Intervention (READi) Lab designed to assess behaviors indicative of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in young children. The UW READi Lab Kyle Steinman, a

  • Nonprofit harnesses power of music as a therapeutic tool

    Matthew Spencer plays the banjo with the Semper Sound Band, which is made up of active duty service members and veterans who have suffered injuries or illness. The monthly concerts are held in the courtyard of the Naval Medical Center The Semper

  • Toddler left in intensive care after E-coli outbreak - (full-timew)

    'Sadly, many of our clients have suffered long-term and often permanent health problems arising from their initial infections including kidney damage and severe neurological injury. We hope that Joseph, Poppy and everyone else affected by this outbreak 

  • Parents of Young Stroke Victims at Risk for PTSD, Researchers Find

    THURSDAY, Feb. 12, 2015 ( News) -- Parents of children who suffer a stroke are at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a small study suggests. "Our concern is that PTSD in parents of a child with stroke or pediatric stroke

Images neurological disorders in toddlers

Angel in a Mirror: Neuromuscular Disorders Symptoms
Angel in a Mirror: Neuromuscular Disorders Symptoms

Meningitis | Health and Fitness
Meningitis | Health and Fitness

... , is fundraising to help other children with neurological disorders
... , is fundraising to help other children with neurological disorders

Neurologically Impaired Children Dependent On Children’s Hospitals ...
Neurologically Impaired Children Dependent On Children’s Hospitals ...

How Might You Address a Student's Disrespectful Behavior If it Is ...
How Might You Address a Student's Disrespectful Behavior If it Is ...

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