neurological disorders in cats

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Yahoo answers: why does my cat exibit this involuntary behavior?

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    This certainly does sound neurological. I wonder if she fell and injured herself. Check her out - palpate her spine, if she will tolerate this.

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    Results were published in Science Translational Medicine in 2014 (McCurdy, V.J., et al., Sustained normalization of neurological disease after intracranial gene therapy in a feline model. Science Translational Medicine, 2014. 6(231): p. 231ra48). “We

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    The development of a potential treatment for GM1-gangliosidosis using AAV gene therapy was initiated in 2005 by Miguel Sena-Esteves, PhD, associate professor in the Neurology Department and the Gene Therapy Center at UMMS; and Douglas R. Martin, PhD

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    Among multiple problems are emaciation, upper respiratory illnesses, eye and ear infections, urine scalding, pneumonia, neurological disorders, infected wounds, bites, abscesses and kidney damage likely caused by long-term lack of water, Webb said.

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    She said they often end up with “high risk” pets, older pets, and cats with basic health issues and neurological issues. "It's very sad to see animals born just to become euthanized,” she said. “The cats suffer the greatest, so we focus our efforts on

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Inherited disorders in cats - neurological conditions
Inherited disorders in cats - neurological conditions

New neurological Cat disease spreads as Cats stiffen like robots | THE ...
New neurological Cat disease spreads as Cats stiffen like robots | THE ...

Neurological Disorders in Cats
Neurological Disorders in Cats

Health issues in Birman Cats | Annie Many
Health issues in Birman Cats | Annie Many

Dogs and cats with OCD? You betcha - Health - Pet health - Creature ...
Dogs and cats with OCD? You betcha - Health - Pet health - Creature ...

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