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Unisex Lyme Disease Shirt You Bring the Tequila I'll Bring the Lyme Large Black

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  • Carried by ticks, this disease is a debilitating autoimmune disease and is an invisible disease. Wear for Lyme Disease Awareness Day, Month or march. Click on our brand name for more colors. #LymeDiseaseAwareness
  • This Lyme fighter long sleeve shirt is great for Lyme warriors. Great gift for someone who is fighting against Lyme disease. Show your support for Lyme Disease awareness. A funny, distressed, Lyme Disease Awareness ribbon shirt to raise awareness.
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Yahoo answers: Does anyone know the name of the autoimmune disease mentioned on Fringe?

  • Drama

    Bellini’s Lymphocemia

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that are affected depend on the type of autoimmune disease there are ...
that are affected depend on the type of autoimmune disease there are ...

Autoimmune Diseases
Autoimmune Diseases

... autoimmune disease autoimmune diseases are caused by an inflammatory
... autoimmune disease autoimmune diseases are caused by an inflammatory

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