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  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) helps promote normal nerve function
  • Arnica Montana Extract is an anti-inflammatory that helps to speed recovery
  • Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory that enhances blood circulation and hydrates
  • Ilex Leaf Extract is a natural caffeine that increases circulation and helps condition skin
  • Menthol 3.7% (active ingredient) - provides deep penetrating pain relief, cools skin

Yahoo answers: How to you treat muscle spasms in back?

  • Pain & Pain Management

    I use to have very bad muscle spasms in my lower back and I would take 1 asprin and rotate heat and ice and that would help some

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  • Girl, 9, suffers from rare condition which gives her painful muscle spasms and ...

    The condition means the Walnut Tree Walk schoolgirl has been regularly suffering from uncontrollable muscle contractions, seizures and migraines since November last year. Her seizures are affecting her speech - to the point where it sounds as though

  • You Asked: Why Does My Eye Twitch?

    He's talking about the kind of whispery muscle spasm that happens in one eyelid (or just a portion of the lid, to be precise). It can be a nuisance, but it usually goes away on its own within a few days, if not a few minutes. To get rid of eye twitches

  • Treating patients with local muscle spasm

    Muscle spasms can be a response pain, which occurs as the body takes steps to protect itself. Shoulder impingement, for example, can cause muscle spasms. Another common cause, particularly for athletes, is facet joint pain.2 In cases where injury has

  • Investors Line up For Westphal as Muscle Cramp Startup Upsizes IPO

    It seems Christoph Westphal had little trouble convincing public investors to back his plan to obliterate muscle cramps. The serial biotech executive's latest startup, Boston-based Flex Pharma, priced its IPO on Wednesday, selling 5.4 million shares at

  • Feeling cramped? Muscle spasm biotech Flex Pharma sets terms for $60 million ...

    Flex Pharma, which is developing dietary supplements for the treatment of muscle cramps and spasms, announced terms for its IPO on Tuesday. The Boston, MA-based company plans to raise $60 million by offering 4.6 million shares at a price range of $12

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Muscle Spasms: Back Muscle Spasms | Chronic Body Pain
Muscle Spasms: Back Muscle Spasms | Chronic Body Pain

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Muscle spasm - symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment by Medicalook

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Muscle Spasm and Injury | Professional Remedial Massage Therapy ...

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