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Yahoo answers: does anybody have a remedy for morgellons symptoms? Such as ringing in the ears and the crawling feeling?

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    Here are the symptoms of Morgellons: Also this website might offer some insight:

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  • Diagnosis or Delusion?

    Casey, 52, says she has Morgellons, a condition that its sufferers assert causes skin abrasions all over the body, as well as neurological symptoms like fatigue and trouble concentrating. She calls it a life-changing, chronic illness, but even as an

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    Describing it as “an unexplained skin disorder characterized by crawling sensations on and under the skin,” the Mayo report notes that “symptoms of Morgellons disease are very similar to those of a mental illness … involving false beliefs about

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    They were not only supposed to diagnose her correctly but also to show empathy by drawing out hidden symptoms with gentle questions. The SP then rated the prospective doctors. In one of the more readable essays, For example, she visited a group of

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  • 14 Thousand People Have Morgellons Disease But CDC Says It Doesn't Exist

    Morgellons disease is a bizarre condition in which sufferers say that, along with a number of other unpleasant symptoms, alien fibers of various colors emerge from their skin. The term Morgellons was coined by a woman named Mary Leitao, whose son 

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morgellons syndrome symptoms showing fibers from childs lip source ...
morgellons syndrome symptoms showing fibers from childs lip source ...

Updates on New Therapy for Morgellons/Lyme {updated July 2011} updated ...
Updates on New Therapy for Morgellons/Lyme {updated July 2011} updated ...

Morgellons Disease: Symptoms
Morgellons Disease: Symptoms

people who have morgellons symptoms suffer tremendously
people who have morgellons symptoms suffer tremendously

Morgellons Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
Morgellons Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

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