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Yahoo answers: Is anyone out there suffering from Morgellons located in Nebraska?

  • Infectious Diseases

    Is that the disease where people see swarms of gnats/small insects? I'm sorry I can't really answer your question but I think I have at least heard of it.

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  • Diagnosis or Delusion?

    It now has small scientific and medical advisory boards with doctors and scientists from the United States, Canada, Germany and Australia. Medical ethicists have written papers discussing the most compassionate ways for doctors to treat Morgellons

  • Joni Mitchell Discusses Nixing Taylor Swift in Biopic

    Mitchell also discussed her battle with a rare and controversial skin condition called Morgellons that kept her from performing her early hit 'Both Sides Now' at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Mitchell revealed back then that she'd been confined to

  • Joni Mitchell, the Original Folk-Goddess Muse, in the Season Seemingly ...

    In fact, she's been sick throughout her whole life — polio, scarlet fever, dengue, abscessed ovaries — and now suffers from the skin disorder Morgellons, a “weird, incurable disease that seems like it's from outer space,” which many doctors find

  • LOUANN LOFTON: Jamison gives an exploration of empathy from many angles

    The actors are instructed to grade the doctors on how much they felt they empathized with them (which ultimately tends to be the doctors saying some of the same rote phrases again and again). But Jamison uses this as a jumping off point to write about

  • 14 Thousand People Have Morgellons Disease But CDC Says It Doesn't Exist

    The term Morgellons was coined by a woman named Mary Leitao, whose son contracted a strange lesion on his lip. He would point at the lesion and say “bugs.” Leitao took him to numerous doctors who dismissed the condition with various explanations 

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Thread: Morgellons, Genetically Modified Plants and Chemtrails
Thread: Morgellons, Genetically Modified Plants and Chemtrails

Morgellons Frustrations; Yours and Mine « CareMan's Weblog ...
Morgellons Frustrations; Yours and Mine « CareMan's Weblog ...

Fibers are seen under the sores of a Morgellons patient
Fibers are seen under the sores of a Morgellons patient

Updates on New Therapy for Morgellons/Lyme {updated July 2011} updated ...
Updates on New Therapy for Morgellons/Lyme {updated July 2011} updated ...

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