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Yahoo answers: do you find it funny how some folks expect a celibate Bishop to accept condom use?

  • Religion & Spirituality

    Out of curiosity: Why do we not accept it when smokers use filters, and we instead demand they quit altogether? But when it comes to promiscuity...

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  • Scrapie from sheep could infect humans with 'mad cow disease', study finds

    Scientists have concluded that scrapie - the sheep equivalent of mad cow disease, or BSE, in cows - has the potential to infect humans in a similar way to variant CJD (Creuzfeldt Jakob Disease), which caused a major health scare over beef in the 1990s.

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Mad Cow Disease Funny Pictures, stills, Mad Cow Disease Funny posters ...
Mad Cow Disease Funny Pictures, stills, Mad Cow Disease Funny posters ...

Free funny-mad-cow.gif phone wallpaper by jonnybravo
Free funny-mad-cow.gif phone wallpaper by jonnybravo

mad quotes mad cow disease cow quotes cow comics mad cow disease funny ...
mad quotes mad cow disease cow quotes cow comics mad cow disease funny ...

Funny Cow Pictures - Strange Pics - Freaking News
Funny Cow Pictures - Strange Pics - Freaking News

Black and White Fun: Funny Cows
Black and White Fun: Funny Cows

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