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    Treatment thearpy consists of antibiotics. Aspirin helps to reliever joint inflamation. Should feel self again in about 2 to 3 months. good luck and best wishes

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  • Diagnosis of Lyme Disease Difficult to Confirm

    Although a very early Lyme disease test had returned as negative, Sykes had learned that the disease can take an extended time after exposure to show up in testing. Given what he knew of his symptoms and those of Lyme disease, Sykes felt compelled to 

  • Lyme Disease More Serious, Costly Than Believed

    The investigators analyzed nearly 52,800 cases of Lyme disease in patients younger than 65 who were treated with antibiotics within 30 days of a Lyme disease test order and/or Lyme disease diagnosis. These patients were compared to a control group of 

  • What You Should Know About Chronic Lyme Disease

    Foster, who was diagnosed with Lyme in 2012, according to, says she's had severe mental impairment from her condition, writing, “I have lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV, because I can't process information or any stimulation

  • Here's The Deal With Chronic Lyme Disease

    It's a tick-borne infectious bacterial disease, and it certainly isn't pleasant. The first symptoms of Lyme disease include a red, gradually expanding rash. For about 70-80% of people, this rash forms a characteristic bullseye pattern. Other symptoms

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    However, there simply is no good evidence that chronic Lyme disease is an actual medical condition. As I have written before, while some patients may experience symptoms after appropriate treatment for Lyme, treatment for persistent or recurrent

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Lyme Disease Symptoms in adults | Every Thing About Life Science
Lyme Disease Symptoms in adults | Every Thing About Life Science

SYMPTOMS OF LYMES DISEASE - LYMES DISEASE - CELIACS DISEASE SYMPTOMS :: Lyme Disease Symptoms and Treatment UK :: Lyme Disease Symptoms and Treatment UK

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