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Lung Nodule

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  • Quick and easy recommendations for lung nodule follow-up
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  • Up to date CT lung cancer screening criteria from ACR LungRADS
  • Uses Fleischner Society guidelines for incidental pulmonary nodules
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Yahoo answers: Should a 30 yr male old worry about a subcentimeter lung nodule on the lower left side?

  • Respiratory Diseases

    "Nodules" in the Lungs are common. While I understand it can be daunting to hear that you have something growing in your lung, they are quite common. I normally see SPNs at around 2-4 CM and...

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  • Wellmont develops lung nodule program to identify cancer cases earlier

    Wellmont Cancer Institute and Wellmont Medical Associates have jointly launched a lung nodule program. This extensive initiative places additional emphasis on finding nodules as quickly as possible so Wellmont pulmonologists can immediately begin the 

  • Indi Xpresys Lung Helps Identify Benign Lung Nodules, Lower Patient Anxiety ...

    If the clinician's initial assessment of the patient's lung nodule is later found incorrect, the cancers are usually discovered early enough in the follow-up period for therapeutic intervention. Conversely, when a physicians initially assesses a

  • Testing sputum for three microRNA biomarkers may help identify cancerous lung ...

    Among patients who had an unidentifiable lung nodule detected by a chest CT scan, testing sputum for a panel of three microRNA (miRNA) biomarkers successfully distinguished early-stage lung cancers from nonmalignant nodules most of the time, 

  • New Results Show Indi's Xpresys Lung Can Identify Benign Lung Nodules

    Patients whose lung nodules are initially deemed likely to be benign are generally followed up by CT scans performed over a two-year interval. If the clinician's initial evaluation of the patient's nodules is found to be incorrect, then lung cancers

  • Sputum biomarker testing may identify malignant lung nodules

    (HealthDay News) -- An experimental test which checks sputum for three microRNA (miRNA) biomarkers of lung cancer was able to distinguish early-stage lung cancer from noncancerous nodules the majority of the time, according to findings published in the 

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... lung nodule, which of the following is NOT on the DDx for a solitary
... lung nodule, which of the following is NOT on the DDx for a solitary

... pulmonary nodule arrow points to the solitary pulmonary nodule
... pulmonary nodule arrow points to the solitary pulmonary nodule

Lung nodule
Lung nodule

Lung Nodule/Pulmonary Interventions - Harper University Hospital
Lung Nodule/Pulmonary Interventions - Harper University Hospital

lung nodule lung area analysis software 3d display and automatic ...
lung nodule lung area analysis software 3d display and automatic ...

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