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Yahoo answers: What are some genetic disorders that have extreme physical effects on the body?

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    lol at baldness....,, how about huntington's disease and down syndrome http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/disorders/whataregd/

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  • Joliet oncologist consults over conditions based on gene mutations

    However, olaparib is only for women who test positive for the BRCA gene mutation and who have undergone three lines of chemotherapy, said Ron Rogers, executive vice president of corporate communications for Myriad Genetics Inc., based in Utah. The FDA
    Source: http://www.theherald-news.com/2015/01/28/joliet-oncologist-consults-over-conditions-based-on-gene-mutations/ankuy2b/

  • Predisposition to and effects of methamphetamine use on the adolescent brain

    Alcohol or drug use problems in first- and second-degree relatives were recorded, and more detailed history taking of parental alcohol or drug use was performed to define positive FH (FH+) participants. This study was approved by the Institutional
    Source: http://www.nature.com/mp/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/mp2014191a.html

  • Bone-growing scientist kicks off Utah museum's 'Envisioning the Future ...

    The researcher's brother and two sisters are colorblind, and her family has a genetic history of retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that affects the tissue of the inner eye. Growing up, said Tandon, "every person in my family saw the world differently
    Source: http://www.sltrib.com/news/2141264-155/bone-growing-scientist-kicks-off-utah-museums

  • Making Genetics Understandable

    After being nominated by colleagues at the University of Utah, Louisa Stark, the director of the Genetic Science Learning Center, has been awarded the Genetics Society of America's Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education. “I was so honored
    Source: http://healthcare.utah.edu/healthfeed/postings/2015/01/012815_stark.award.php

  • Genetic Testing and Tribal Identity

    The genetic sequencing company 23andMe recently tapped into its vast bank of data to release a study on genetic origins, producing the biggest genetic profile of the United States ever conducted—big, but nowhere near complete. Out of more than
    Source: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/01/the-cultural-limitations-of-genetic-testing/384740/

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What are Genetic Disorders?
What are Genetic Disorders?

Genetic Disorders
Genetic Disorders




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