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  • Summerside keeping eye on Dutch elm disease

    The city first started having problems with the devastating tree disease around 2000 when it started losing trees on an annual basis. The contagion hit its peak in 2006 when 25 large trees, a few of which were upwards of 100 years old, had to be
    Source: http://www.journalpioneer.com/News/Local/2015-02-12/article-4041756/Summerside-keeping-eye-on-Dutch-elm-disease/1

  • Seniors shouldn't be blinded by old notions of eye disease

    Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness among older Americans, but new treatments have dramatically changed the course of this disease over the last 10 years, making AMD more manageable than ever. During AMD 
    Source: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-02-seniors-shouldnt-notions-eye-disease.html

  • Precision Eye Care offers treatment for dry eye disease

    Evaporative Dry Eye disease stems from a deficiency in the oily layer of the eye's natural tear film. The oily lipids serve as a protective layer so that the eye's tear film does not evaporate. Precision Eye Care introduced a new, advanced in-office
    Source: http://www.thereflector.com/good_for_you/article_9fc13ff2-a680-11e4-8dd8-bba6ecdff7a0.html

  • Common eye diseases

    Of all the potential maladies that could affect the human body, none scares me as much as eye diseases do. The mere thought of a patient losing their ability to see, frightens me terribly. This probably explains why my chosen specialty is Family
    Source: http://www.stlamerican.com/your_health_matters/health_news/article_f2f40468-9c10-11e4-8278-3fc79c7f1174.html

  • Eye disease 'has reached critical level'

    The charity said it has been forced to turn down 50 per cent of applications for eye health research due to a lack of funding. It claims this is due to a current 'funding black hole'. And the population is now struggling with an explosion in eye
    Source: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Eye-disease-reached-critical-level/story-25995238-detail/story.html

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Karatonis Eye Problems
Karatonis Eye Problems

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