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Gel Ice Pack Cold Compress – 2-Pack LARGE – Reusable comfortable soft touch vinyl provides instant pain relief, rehabilitation and therapy for injuries

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  • VERSATILE - Great for use on nearly any body part, including: shoulder, upper / lower back, knee, elbow, cervical, wrist, rotator cuff, head, eye, perineal, ankle and foot. Useful for common conditions, including: wisdom teeth surgery, torn ACL / MCL, broken bone, fever, bruise, sprain, strain, hernia, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and shin splints. Useful for a variety of sports athletes, including: football, soccer, running, gymnastics, swimming, golf, tennis, baseball and basketball.
  • PAIN RELIEF & THERAPY - Delivers up to 30 minutes of soothing cool relief for aches and pains between refreezing. Simply place the pack in the freezer between uses and it will be ready to use again in 20-30 minutes. Apply immediately after an injury to control swelling and inflammation of soft tissue. Provides instant pain relief, long term therapy and helps to manage muscle and joint swelling.
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  • FREE FABRIC STORAGE BAG - The 2-pack of LARGE gel cold packs comes in a handy fabric storage bag. Made from durable polyester and featuring a drawstring closure. Store the cold packs in the freezer with this bag or use it for travel. This bonus storage bag is our gift to you!
  • DESIGN - Crafted from durable nylon and vinyl fabric and filled with non-toxic gel. These gel cold compress ice packs are soft to the touch but durable enough to be used dozens of times. The packs gently provides soothing cold therapy and stay pliable during treatment. Won't turn into an immovable hard brick like most standard ice packs. These gel cold pack each are 11.5 inches long X 7 inches wide and less than 1 inch think. Each weighs approximately 0.5 lbs. You will receive two!
Homma Activewear Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Body Leggings Pant (Medium, Black)

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  • Four way stretch and recovery for performance, comfort, compression, and shape
  • Breathable, quick drying, moisture wicking, stretch to fit
  • Homma Premium High Waist Tummy Compression Leggings
  • Thick Stay-Put High Rise Waistband for body contouring
  • Seamless, Chade-free, Tight Fit, Strong Compression

Yahoo answers: What is this red and bumpy and itchy rash on my legs?

  • Skin Conditions

    It could be heat rash or jock itch or some other kind of rash. There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one. Common categories of...

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    Mark Ryan – Obama is just finding out what happens when you go to sleep with an itchy booty!!! kevin – Am I supposed to do this, or bow, I can't remember? Paul Hooson – “I'm sorry I asked you guys if you wanted a hamburger. I didn't mean to offend you.

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    Itchy-eyed and numbed with jet lag, we nevertheless manage to shuffle around the excellent Tokyo National Museum, everything feeling slightly unreal and accompanied by a constant clip-clop refrain as though someone were following us around with a

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    2 Pratt – Initially a synonym of the word “buttocks” in the 16th century, the word “prat” is now more commonly used to mean “idiot,” with this usage coming into wide use in the 1960s. 3 Git – The word “git” was in wide use in the 1940s and is a variant

  • Three Types of Fungi Responsible for Most Fungal Skin Infections

    Jock itch is also a common complaint, especially among men. Jock itch, a form of ringworm, usually occurs in the groin area and on the upper, inner thighs and buttocks. Ringworm, which can occur on the hands, nails, feet or scalp, typically appears as

  • A recurring, itchy, burning rash in a patient taking beta-blockers

    Multiple sharply demarcated erythematous round patches with an overlying silvery scale were noted on the patient's upper and lower extremities, trunk, buttocks, and back. Pitting of the patient's nails was also present. The rash spared the patients

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Itchy Skin on the Buttocks
Itchy Skin on the Buttocks

The pictures might not look too alarming, but the itching and pain the ...
The pictures might not look too alarming, but the itching and pain the ...

Reddened skin, small circular bumps, and blisters filled with clear ...
Reddened skin, small circular bumps, and blisters filled with clear ...

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