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Basq Resilient Body Oil, 4 oz.

List price: $20.01
Price: $20.00
  • FREE of Parabens and Phthalate and Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy
  • Eucalyptus and Vitamin E soothe itching and smooth skin for a wonderfully healthy glow
  • Basq's Resilient Stretch Mark Oil tops Pregnancy Magazine's A-List
  • Wheat Germ, grapeseed and rosehip oils are known to help prevent and lessen the appearance of stretch marks
  • Seen in Fit Pregnancy and Parents Expecting when you want to care for your stretching tummy
Natural Organic Soap Bar, by White Wolf Creek, Oatmeal Spice All Over Body Soap,Non GMO Handmade By Montana Soap Artisans Great Facial and Body Cleansing Bars!

Price: $16.99
  • According to Dermatologists Oatmeal is one of the most beneficial skin treatments, as an organic face cleanser or body soap men, women and everyone will benefit from its healthy components. Handmade Organic Soap is the healthiest choice for you and your family!
  • Natural Organic Oatmeal Spice Soap is used to treat various skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions. Oatmeal Spice Soap is a healthy treatment for all skin types and most skin conditions. It is a Great Scent for Autumn as the spices remind you of mulled cider and the other great aroma's of the fall, its one of our top sellers all year long!
  • OUR SOAP IS GENTLE and made for all types of skin, used as organic body soap, hand soap, its lather and aroma are absolutely invigorating. The softness that this soap gives your skin is truly amazing. This organic soap bar is another level of healthy bathing and luxury.
  • Our Handmade Organic Soap is made in Montana with the Highest Quality Earth born ingredients which are certified as Natural and Organic. Trust only certified, non gmo labeled product to assure your family they are getting an authentic all natural product.
  • A TRULY GREAT ADDITION to any daily skin cleansing routine. With NATURAL and Organic ingredients and NON GMO ingredients it is safe for teens, babies, men and women. We also offer an UNSCENTED version for EXTRA Sensitive skin or if you just dont want any scent at all, just squeaky clean softness.Our Organic soap bars are all natural bath and body and facial bars of unmatched quality, Oatmeal Spice is great aromatherapy
SmitCo LLC Exfoliating Gloves, 4 Pairs Full Body Scrub Exfoliator For Men and Women, Great for Shower or Bath Exfoliation, Scrubs Away Dead Cells For Soft Skin and Improves Blood Circulation

Price: $12.99
  • SMALL THERAPEUTIC STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH because the full body scrub gloves increase blood circulation to remove harmful toxins from your body faster. COLORS MAY VARY: The gloves come packed in ASSORTED colors since their FUNCTION is more important than the color. NO HASSLE RETURNS if you're not happy with the product
  • SAVES YOU TIME AND TROUBLE BECAUSE THE EXFOLIATOR GLOVES ARE MACHINE WASHABLE: The loofah can go in the washer and dryer after each use to make sure they stay fresh and are ready for the next use. BONUS: THE BATH GLOVES COME IN A REUSABLE ZIPLOCK BAG and can help for ingrown hairs as well as itchy, bumpy and dry skin
  • BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! IMPROVES FEEL AND APPEARANCE OF SKIN: Textured exfoliating scrubber set renew skin and leave it glowing - removes all dead skin cells. If you're not sure how to use the wash gloves to exfoliate you can watch this video:
  • EASE OF USE BECAUSE IT STAYS IN PLACE AND CAN BE USED BY MEN AND WOMEN. The elasticized wrist makes sure the exfoliant shower scrubs stay in place

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Red itchy bumps all over body generally indicate that the person is ...

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Itchy skin rash appearing all over my body... Picture attached. - Ask ...

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Childhood skin pictures: Skin problems and conditions slideshow

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Itching all over the body & itchy patches of skin – easy natural ...

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hives occur as a rash or welts and are often itchy or may burn or ...

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