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Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder Lavender 300 Gm

Price: $22.55
  • The original cooling and soothing powder.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Relieving itching, heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather
  • Contains complex extract from deep sea that helps protect skin from pollution and retain skin moisture.
  • 1 can (300g)
ifory 20 Patches Capsicum Plaster Hot (10 * 15CM), Capsaicin Patch Relief for Arthralgia/Back Pain/Stiff Should/Muscular Pain

Price: $10.55
  • 【Upgraded Version】: Better packaging, more quantity, more discounts, certified by CE and FDA, provide you with high quality patches, effectively alleviate your pain.
  • 【Patches Advantages 】Waterproof and sweatproof, no need to heat or cool, flexible stretch with the body, multiple holes to make the skin breathe better, comfortable and breathable, medium size, easy to paste and remove.
  • 【Main Ingredients】As picture show, all are Green and Healthy, Specially Formulated to Prevent and Treat pain. No side effects, Fast Acting, One sheets at a time, penetration force of up to 8 hours.
  • 【Indications】For long lasting relief of Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Arthralgia, Stiff Shoulder and Muscular Pain. Wear patches throughout the day to relieve fatigue and pain, Effectively treats strains, bruises, sprains and abrasion during exercise, helping to increase vitality and endurance.
  • 【Treatment Efficacy】Provide an effective dose of capsicum extract, mint and camphor, expanding the capillaries of skin, thus to promote blood circulation, restrain tumefaction and relieve local pain rapidly and powerful, which has a remarkable effect on closed soft tissue injury, good effect on analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Original Sprout Hair & Body Baby Wash, 1.25 Ounce

Price: $4.73
  • non-toxic ingredients
  • gently washes away dryness, cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis, baby acne, heat rash, diaper rash & other skin irritations
  • extra moisturizing

Yahoo answers: What could have caused a rash on my one month old child?

  • Newborn & Baby

    Yes, this is probably normal. Especially if the rash is not partnered with a fever, chills, throwing up.... It's probably just heat rash. It could be roseola. Research that on Webmd.com and I'm...

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Images heat rash pictures

heat rash pictures 3
heat rash pictures 3

Heat Rash « 479 Urgent Care provided by Family Medical Walk-In ...
Heat Rash « 479 Urgent Care provided by Family Medical Walk-In ...

Heat Rash Pictures
Heat Rash Pictures

prickly heat rash pictures 2
prickly heat rash pictures 2

Heat Rash Pictures, Treatment, Symptoms, Causes
Heat Rash Pictures, Treatment, Symptoms, Causes

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