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Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats

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  • FAMILY TREE & ANCESTRY: The Embark Dog DNA Test will tell you your dog's family tree all the way back to great-grandparents. Embark also shows other dogs of similar breed mix to your pup. You can explore their profiles and photos and see how much they resemble your dog.
  • BREED DISCOVERY: With a simple cheek swab, Embark uses the most accurate breed identification scientifically possible. The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit tests for over 250 dog breeds, even wolf, coyote, and village dog ancestry.
  • HEALTHY AGING: Embark tests for over 160 diseases. With our comprehensive genetic testing, you can better plan for healthy aging, with information on everything from genetic diseases to drug sensitivities. Keep your dog healthy longer by testing for genetic diseases that occur later in life including glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, three of the most common adult-onset diseases in dogs.
  • TRAITS: Embark results will tell you information on traits that range from coat color to body size. Have a new puppy? Embark will tell you how big he or she will get, as well as expected shedding. Where other tests just tell you the breeds in your dog, Embark looks at the genetic basis of appearance to explain why your dog looks the way it does.
  • FAST, TRUSTED RESULTS: Built by experts, only Embark is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and is trusted by veterinary hospitals. Results generally between 2-4 weeks.

Yahoo answers: Can a brother dog and a sister dog have sex together?

  • Dogs

    Yes, dogs do not think about it and say "Hm, this is my sister. I really shouldn't impregnate her." If a dog is in heat, other male dogs (sometimes even if they are neutered!) will go after them....

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    Basset hounds are prone to ear infections, and German shepherds often have hip problems. Inbreeding also puts puppies at risk of developing a number of inherited diseases. The number of genetic disorders affecting dogs "reflects their unnatural 

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    Scientists are studying the genetic make-up of domestic cats as they believe it could hold clues in helping understand diseases susceptible to humans such as diabetes and asthma. Previous studies looking at the genetics of household pets have almost 

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    The doctors consider your genetic makeup and 'prescribe' foods that suit you best, as well as listing the ones to avoid or that may cause you inflammation. Now, about your Second to my girls there is nothing quite as entertaining as my dogs. They

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    It's a sizable feat for the little dog, who was nearly blinded by a genetic disorder called primary lens luxation. But because she had undergone genetic testing for the disease, her owner knew she was at risk. When Rickie Roo showed signs of the

  • A leader in the Human Genome Project shares tale of personalized medicine ...

    It was slow, hard work, but they persevered and found the gene. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know all the human genes, some scientists speculated, buoyed by their preliminary success. Cancer could be vanquished. Genetic disorders a thing of the past.

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Understanding genetic disorders in dogs | Daily Doggy Tips
Understanding genetic disorders in dogs | Daily Doggy Tips

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Genetic Disorders of Portuguese Water Dogs: Changing Dog Healthcare ...

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Sad Dog Genetic Disorders Mixed Breed Dogs

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Genetic Blood and Lymphatic Disorders in Mixed Breed Dogs | Happy ...

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