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Equine DNA test - DNA testing kit for Horse Coat Color, Pattern and Genetic Disorders for Arabian Horse - Pure and Part Bred

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  • Sample analyzed in a state of the art Horse DNA testing lab who specializes in DNA testing for horses
  • If you are planning breeding, knowing your horse's color and pattern genetic make-up, can help you select the right parents combination in order to maximize the chance of achieving your desired or avoiding undesired color of the offspring. Likewise, knowing if your horse is a carrier of a genetic disorder gene, will help you make wise breeding decisions in order to prevent them in the offspring
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  • Color genes tested: Aguti (red/black), Bay factor, Dun, Cream, Silver, Pearl, Champagne, grey. Pattern genes tested: Appaloosa, PANT1, SW1, SW2, Sabino, Tobiano, Frame Overo (OLWS)
  • Equine DNA Testing Kit - Color, Pattern and Genetics Disorders DNA test - Arabian Horse, Pure and Part Bred. Genetic Disorders tested: CA, LFS, SCID.
Genetic Disorders (Opposing Viewpoints)

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genetic diseases horses
genetic diseases horses

AQHA Offers Cost Effective Testing for Five Genetic Diseases
AQHA Offers Cost Effective Testing for Five Genetic Diseases

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Genetic Diseases of Tennessee Walking Horses |

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genetic diseases before breeding horses - HERDA - San Francisco horse ...

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