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Yahoo answers: Would you lie and take a religious exemption to having your kids vaccinated if it was not your religion?

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  • Allen ISD students rally for classmate recovering from enterovirus

    Since September, at least 111 children nationwide have developed sudden limb weakness and spinal cord damage, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About two thirds have improved somewhat, but only one has fully recovered.

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    At its peak, the disease killed or paralyzed (PDF) a half million people each year, but breakthroughs in vaccines and public health programs made huge progress. Still, vaccinating the world's remaining unprotected children has proven challenging.

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    Rare diseases — those that affect fewer than one in 200,000 people — are often identified early in life. Some 30 percent of children afflicted by these "orphan diseases" do not live to see their fifth birthday. While the US Orphan Drug Act of 1983

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    When the library ran out of space on the first floor, the art overflowed to the lofty fifth floor. Eyland, who grew up in Dartmouth and attended NSCAD University, spent all of October hanging the pieces. However, he was also battling a longtime lung

  • Free lipid profile screenings

    In an effort to increase awareness and reduce the rate of heart disease , the Highland County Health Department will offer free lipid profile screenings during February. The Dog Park Association is holding a contest for the cutest dog and cat

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Fifth disease is usually a benign illness and kids recover just fine ...
Fifth disease is usually a benign illness and kids recover just fine ...

File:Fifth disease.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Fifth disease.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

fifths disease pictures children Headache
fifths disease pictures children Headache

Parvovirus b19, Fifth disease Pictures-in adults, children
Parvovirus b19, Fifth disease Pictures-in adults, children

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