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Yahoo answers: Are there any home remedies to cure a kitten with a sore & seeping eye?

  • Cats

    Sounds like a case of feline conjunctivitis. The title of this article is How to Treat Conjuctivitis, http://www.ehow.com/how_2189442_treat-cat-conjunctivitis.html however they don't get specific...

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Images feline eye problems

Feline Eye Problems | Eye Circles Site
Feline Eye Problems | Eye Circles Site

Feline Eye Problems | Eye Circles Site
Feline Eye Problems | Eye Circles Site

Feline Eye Problems | Eye Circles Site
Feline Eye Problems | Eye Circles Site

 ... eye. This cat eye problem is usually an indication that cat is out of
... eye. This cat eye problem is usually an indication that cat is out of

Feline Eye Problems & Antibiotic Ointments | eHow.com
Feline Eye Problems & Antibiotic Ointments | eHow.com

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