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Pet Wellbeing Smooth BM Gold for Cats - Natural Constipation Support for Felines - 2oz (59ml)

Price: $43.95
  • Non-irritating and safe for long-term use
  • For maintenance of soft, regular bowel movements in cats
  • Will not cause over-purging or runny stools
  • Enables normal, easy elimination through the bowel
  • Supports colon health
Feline PetEma (6 ml)

Price: $7.53
  • Softens Hard Fecal Matter
  • Safe and effective treatment for constipation
  • Stimulates intestinal mucosa
  • Containing Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate in Glycerine
  • Disposable Enema for Rectal Use in Cats
Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats by iDash Pets- Best Natural Powder Pet Probiotic Supplement- Relieves Dog Bad Breath, Constipation, Skin Allergies, Diarrhea- Aids Digestive Health - 6 oz

Price: $49.98
  • CHOOSE A PROBIOTIC WITH LESS THAN 6 STRAINS - Each strain competes for absorption and colonization in the gut. "Extra" strains will dilute the valuable strains and can render the valuable strains less effective. Our pet probiotic contains 5 vital pet-specific strains to strengthen & boost your pet's immune system.
  • CONTAINS PREBIOTIC INULIN - to enhance the activity of natural probiotics and give the healthy bacteria "food" to eat so they attach and multiply in the gut, fortifying the immune system.
  • OPTIMIZES DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Our proven advanced formula DELIVERS RESULTS! It relieves dog and cat diarrhea, loose stools, gas, irritable bowels & nausea as well as helps to improve & support overall digestion.
  • DRY POWDERS ARE MORE STABLE THAN LIQUIDS AND CHEWS - and will deliver more benefit to your pet's GI tract as they contain healthy bacteria in their inactive state. The process of including probiotics in chews or treats often kills the living organisms and destroys the viability of the supplement.
  • GUARANTEED BEST PROBIOTIC - Our tasteless, odorless powder is pet-invisible, does not require refrigeration and is made in the USA. If you don't experience what you believe is an improvement in your pet's health, contact us for a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Yahoo answers: My cat has feline constipation for a long time. How can I help him and get him to use his litter box again?

  • Cats

    Let me explain something quickly. Extended periods of constipation leads to a condition called megacolon, and it;a really nasty. It's really important for that reason that you stop feeding dry...

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  • Simple Cure for Cat Constipation

    When a cat's natural diet is replaced with a food containing only 10 to 12 percent moisture, dehydration and constipation are common symptoms. The lack of moisture causes the kidneys to become stressed, and stools turn dry, hard and painful to pass
    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-karen-becker/simple-cure-for-cat-const_b_6015274.html

  • Beyond 9 Lives: That Hacking You Hear is a Hairball

    Occasionally, they may also cause a decrease in appetite, constipation or an upset stomach. In addition, frequently hacking up hairballs can lead to your cat vomiting food or mucus instead as it tries to get the fur clumps out. If your feline friend is
    Source: http://www.restonnow.com/2015/02/06/beyond-9-lives-that-hacking-you-hear-is-a-hairball/

  • There is More Than One Way to Treat Your Pet's Pain

    This approach is termed multimodal pain management and I use it frequently and effectively for my canine and feline patients' arthritis and other health problems that cause pain (intervertebral disc disease [IVDD], trauma, surgery, muscle and ligament
    Source: http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/pets/petmd/there-is-more-than-one-way-to-treat-your-pet/article_a32dca57-9a16-5604-87d1-667cf4b7b71e.html

  • How to prevent cat hairballs

    Cat breeds with long fur tend to develop hairballs way more than those with short hair. Hairballs in cats shouldn't be taken for granted for it poses many serious problems if left untreated. If your furry friend cannot rid itself of a hairball through
    Source: http://thesuburban.com/news/articles/?id%3Darticle04697

  • Psyllium can help with cats' constipation, too

    In cats that have severe constipation issues due to megacolon, I have begun to question the wisdom of using a stool softener that works by bulking up the stool. The cat already has a stretched out colon and adding additional bulkiness to the stool
    Source: http://www.nwfdailynews.com/lifestyle/columns/dara-johns/psyllium-can-help-with-cats-constipation-too-1.401909

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Feline Constipation Diets

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Feline Constipation Cures

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Feline Constipation • Colon Cleanse and Constipation Resource Center

Feline Constipation and How it Can Affect Your Cat
Feline Constipation and How it Can Affect Your Cat


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