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Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for Cats, 4-Ounce

List price: $3.48
Price: $3.19
  • Good for all size cats
  • Gentle formula
  • Helps eliminate tear stains
  • Removes debris
  • Reduces eye irritation
PetAlive Eye-Heal, 59 ml

Price: $37.81
  • Being 100% natural with no artificial preservatives PetAlive EyeHeal is non addictive has no side effects and has become the formula of choice by thousands of satisfied customers around the world for treating and preventing eye infections in pets
  • Infections of the eye and surrounding structures are common in pets and usually involve the conjunctiva leading to conjunctivitis or pink eye and eye infections may become chronic if not treated and may cause permanent damage if neglected
  • PetAlive Eye-Heal is a 100% natural proven and safe herbal tincture for pets
  • Native Remedies products are specially formulated by an expert team of homeopaths and naturopaths using wild crafted organically grown herbs and following a Full Spectrum Approach to guarantee products of the highest quality potency and effectiveness
  • PetAlive Eye-Heal treats and prevents eye infections in dogs and cats as well as improves general eye and visual health
Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Wash - 3 Ounce

List price: $24.00
Price: $22.11
  • Non-irritating & promotes healthy eyes
  • No alcohol, steroids or antibiotics
  • Works on all animal skin types
  • Non-toxic, safe if licked or ingested
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Safe for eyes at all life stages

Yahoo answers: What can i do to prevent eye infections from make up?

  • Infectious Diseases

    well, make-up shouldnt be giving you an eye infection, just make sure all of the make up you use is farly new and that you are the only one that has used it, also if it is pencil eye liner, black...

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  • Be wary of post-surgery eye infection

    A: Endophthalmitis is inflammation inside the eye that is usually triggered by an infection. In the United States, most cases are caused by bacterial infections that develop after eye surgery. Endophthalmitis is a serious problem that can lead to
    Source: http://citizensvoice.com/news/be-wary-of-post-surgery-eye-infection-1.1830250

  • Bad hygiene habits the cause of eye infection

    PETALING JAYA: Lack of awareness of the dangers and bad hygiene habits are the main reasons why contact lens users get eye infections, say experts. “We hear all kinds of horror stories from patients, like cleaning their lenses with saliva, wearing
    Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/02/08/Bad-hygiene-habits-the-cause-of-eye-infection/

  • Follow doctor's orders to avoid infection after eye surgery

    DEAR READER: Endophthalmitis is inflammation inside the eye that is usually triggered by an infection. In the United States, most cases are caused by bacterial infections that develop after eye surgery. Endophthalmitis is a serious problem that can
    Source: http://elkodaily.com/lifestyles/follow-doctor-s-orders-to-avoid-infection-after-eye-surgery/article_408623f0-ee2a-549e-931a-7e458bf7d95e.html

  • Fickle mercury spikes viral infections

    Doctors say lumping of the two infections is getting common. "Eyes are close to the nasal cavity/sinus area. During a seasonal change, when viruses are very active, the infection from nasal cavity/sinus tends to spread to eyes," said Dr Nagendra Shah, 
    Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-fickle-mercury-spikes-viral-infections-2053987

  • Popular lash extensions can cause big problems

    Mary Migneco, an ophthalmologist with Barnes Jewish Hospital, says she's seeing more patients with eye infections caused by lashes and says some women are looking for lashes in all the wrong places. You can have permanent loss of lashes and more.
    Source: http://fox2now.com/2015/02/12/popular-lash-extensions-can-cause-big-problems/

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Eye Infections Pictures

Eye Infections
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eye infections types

Become a Homeopathy expert: Eye Infections
Become a Homeopathy expert: Eye Infections

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Permanent Eye Infection Site

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