endocrine disorders

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Yahoo answers: What are the relations Life Style Management with endocrine disorder in these days?

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    Well it depends on the endocrine disorder. Are you narrowing it down? There's no one cure-all for every endocrine disorder.

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  • Lenvatinib Delays Progression of Advanced Thyroid Cancer in Clinical Trial

    Steven Sherman, MD, an associate vice provost for clinical research, and professor and chair of Endocrine Neoplasia and Hormonal Disorders at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and colleagues treated 261 patients with 
    Source: http://www.empr.com/lenvatinib-delays-progression-of-advanced-thyroid-cancer-in-clinical-trial/article/398034/

  • Evidence about the biological nature of gender identity

    According to a review article in Endocrine Practice, there is increasing evidence of a biological basis for gender identity that may change physicians' perspective on transgender medicine and improve health care for these patients. The article was led
    Source: http://www.sciencecodex.com/review_article_provides_evidence_on_the_biological_nature_of_gender_identity-150859

  • Cortendo Completes $26.4M in Private Placement from Leading US and EU ...

    Cortendo AB [ticker: CORT on NOTC-A], a global biopharmaceutical company focused on orphan endocrine disorders, today announced that it closed a previously announced private placement totaling approximately $26.4 million. Including the $11 million 
    Source: http://www.fiercebiotech.com/press-releases/cortendo-completes-264m-private-placement-leading-us-and-eu-investors

  • Mercy Clinic Endocrinology welcomes new physician assistant

    Geurin is a new provider at Mercy Clinic Endocrinology in Oklahoma City. The clinic specializes in treating disorders of the endocrine system and metabolism. In her role, she hopes to educate patients and help improve their quality of life. “I look
    Source: http://www.edmondsun.com/news/local_news/mercy-clinic-endocrinology-welcomes-new-physician-assistant/article_bfd58772-b179-11e4-88fa-b3abf24dc153.html

  • 30-minute naps may help after a sleepless night

    A new study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) found that two 30-minute cat naps could help make up for a lack of sleep the night before. A lack of sleep has been linked to many health problems.
    Source: http://www.mnn.com/health/fitness-well-being/stories/30-minute-naps-may-help-after-a-sleepless-night

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endocrine disorders
endocrine disorders

Endocrine Disorders | Menopause Diet
Endocrine Disorders | Menopause Diet

Endocrine Disorders treatments and clinical trials
Endocrine Disorders treatments and clinical trials

Welcome to Dehlvi Naturals ::.
Welcome to Dehlvi Naturals ::.

内分泌失调,endocrine disorders,音标,读音,翻译,英文例句 ...
内分泌失调,endocrine disorders,音标,读音,翻译,英文例句 ...

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