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MeiLiMiYu Pet Recovery Inflatable Collar E-Collar for Dogs Cats Pet, Adjustable Postoperative Wound Healing Collar

Price: $39.99
  • ✔Size Information( Large):Neck girth=9"-11", Cone Length =6.7"
  • ✔Ideal for wound healing, injuries, rashes and post surgery and protect themselves or prevent dog bite. Treat skin disease to prevent licking the necessary supplies. Work great for rabbits cats and dogs.
  • ✔Made of Top Quality Lightweight and Soft Material. Pets can eat, drink and sleep normally.
  • ✔Unique Velcro closure enables the owner to tighten or loosen, as necessary. Using Velvet material, will not hurt pets.
  • ✔This Elephant modern design recovery collar is lightweight, soft and comfortable, but may not cover whole body of pet. Owner should monitor in the beginning as pet may chew the collar.
Yunt Elephant Deer Pattern Cotton Pajamas Jumpsuit Dog Soft Clothes for Pet Dog XL

Price: $6.99
  • Material: Cotton
  • Elephant and deer pattern, soft material, care the skin.
  • To prevent your dog have a cold when sleeping, to prevent skin diseases.
  • Can be used as pajamas and air-conditioning suit.
  • XL: Bust: 48cm / 18.90inch, Back Length: 34cm / 13.39inch

Yahoo answers: What causes a dog to get a yeast infection all over her body?

  • Dogs

    There are certain breeds that are predisposed to this disease such as cocker spaniels , basset hounds, and dachshund. It is usually caused by conditions of high humidity, and temperature, your dog...

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    The man's real name was Joseph, not John, and he was born in 1862 with a rare disfiguring disease that modern doctors now assume was Proteus Syndrome, which triggers uneven overgrowth of bones, skin and other tissues. The syndrome gave Merrick a 
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    Death in the past had spread its fatal tentacles in multiple forms at the Bannerghatta Biological Park (BB): Foot and mouth disease, tuberculosis, old age… But a far more immediate threat looms large for the animals there: A water crisis so acute that
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Fig. 52 : Lumpyskin disease.Various sizedcutancousnodules in asevere ...
Fig. 52 : Lumpyskin disease.Various sizedcutancousnodules in asevere ...

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previous picture picture 6 next picture picture tags elephantitis ...

15 Most Horrifying Rare Diseases (NSFL)
15 Most Horrifying Rare Diseases (NSFL)

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