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Yahoo answers: What is the target population of Sticklers Syndrome?

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    You picked a pretty rare topic. Gunnar Stickler was one of my examiners when I took my orals for board certification 40 years ago. He quizzed me on this uncommon condition which I obviously missed...

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  • Why shouldn't human beings play God?

    Chromosomal defects alone are responsible for many forms of abnormal development including Down's Syndrome. Edwards was first It seems to be the ethics of Dr Jekyll, Dr Strangelove and Brave New World that informs opinion on these things. It is
    Source: http://www.spiked-online.com/site/article/13519/

  • How the global hyper-rich have turned central London into a lights-out ghost-town

    You know, Dr Strangelove, Barbarella, The Magic Christian, Easy Rider,… When you watch the movie, you'll see they have a lot great detriment of house prices and village vigour. I'm blackly amused to see Second-Home Syndrome afflicting Londoners too.
    Source: http://boingboing.net/2013/04/05/how-the-global-hyper-rich-have.html

  • 'The Host': A Guide to Aliens That Invade the Human Body — INFOGRAPHIC

    Hand: Okay, this isn't really an extraterrestrial parasite, but it is a condition known as "Alien Hand Syndrome," in which a person can't control the actions of their limbs. In the case of Dr. Strangelove that meant his hand kept spontaneously giving
    Source: http://www.hollywood.com/news/movies/55006297/the-host-alien-invasion-earworms-chestbusters-human-body-infographic

  • David Brin: Predicting the future (frequently asked questions)

    Consider stories such as Dr. Strangelove, On The Beach, The China Syndrome, Silent Spring, Soylent Green, and so on. These drew attention from millions of people toward possible doomsday scenarios. Millions who became active, fighting for a better
    Source: http://redgreenandblue.org/2013/03/26/david-brin-predicting-the-future-frequently-asked-questions/

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bizarre # facts # dr. strangelove syndrome
bizarre # facts # dr. strangelove syndrome

Dr. Strangelove Syndrome
Dr. Strangelove Syndrome

1981, University of Notre Dame . Dr. Strangelove Syndrome .
1981, University of Notre Dame . Dr. Strangelove Syndrome .

Dr. Strangelove Syndrome
Dr. Strangelove Syndrome

On the other hand (sorry...), maybe these are just terrible examples ...
On the other hand (sorry...), maybe these are just terrible examples ...

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