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Yahoo answers: Why is my dog's head shaking like she has Parkinsons?

  • Dogs

    You need to take the dog to the vet and let the vet answer this question.

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  • Vets fight to save hero dog that used body to shield owner from fire

    The smoke ventilation cases are often the hardest to manage off the ventilator.” Despite her breathing problems, Carmen has shown improvement in other areas. She is mentally alert and showing no signs of neurological problems, the vet said. “She's resting.

  • While not approved by FDA, many tout essential oils' healing powers

    "I go into people's homes and groom their dogs," she said. "I try to create a pleasant atmosphere Part of my job is to make sure the animal is comfortable. During a bath you can give the dog a massage. And if you can incorporate oils into that, it

  • Rare neurological disease shines light on health of essential nerve cells

    The genetic mutation that blocks the formation of myelin is found on the X chromosome, so the disease occurs only in males. Studies of the dogs are crucial, Duncan says, since PMD is so rare in humans — occurring in one male birth in roughly 200,000.

  • Public Release: 22-Jan-2015 Rare neurological disease shines light on health ...

    Known as Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease or PMD, it's a devastating neurological condition that, in its most severe form, kills infants weeks after birth. Thirty years ago, Duncan noticed a genetic mutation in dogs that was practically identical to the

  • Controversial treatment shows promise for neurological disorders

    In September 2013, Chris Gardner went from kicking and spinning as a black belt in taekwondo to being locked in a world where he could not follow conversations — or even walk his dog. shutterstock_219985546-1 The 58-year-old had just had brain surgery 

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Neurological Disorders in Poodles |
Neurological Disorders in Poodles |

Neurological Disorders In Dogs
Neurological Disorders In Dogs

Neurological disorders
Neurological disorders

Neurological Disorders In Dogs: How To Tell If Your Dog Has A Problem
Neurological Disorders In Dogs: How To Tell If Your Dog Has A Problem

... | Seizures | Neurological Disorders | Convulsions | Episodes | Fits
... | Seizures | Neurological Disorders | Convulsions | Episodes | Fits

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