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Tick Recovery: UPM-750, Powerful Monolaurin Supplement, Promotes Natural Strengthening of Immune System, Designed for Tick-borne Illnesses, Autoimmune Issues, and Daily Support.

Price: $39.99
  • NATURALLY DETOXIFY: Monolaurin helps the body eradicate harmful organisms by disintegrating their protective membranes. The lipid proteins attached to the triglyceride chain bind to the bacteria's double-walled membrane and the protective lipid-protein envelope begins to decompose. Once the membrane dissolves, the body begins to naturally cleanse, without harming beneficial cells and microorganisms in the body, which may improve health for people with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses.
  • FIGHT COINFECTIONS: Lyme patients and others often suffer from harmful co-infections that are difficult to treat. UPM-750's natural anti-microbial properties may help against myriad co-infections and is frequently utilized and recommended in Lyme treatment plans.
  • NATURAL IMMUNE RESPONSE: UPM-750's monolaurin supports your body's immune system to naturally strengthen it. No drugs, just all-natural, organic support from coconuts.
  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST BORRELIA AND MORE: In a recent study, researchers found Monolaurin to be the most effective antimicrobial compound against the Borrelia bacteria from Lyme. Affordable, safe, and backed by decades of research.
  • WEAKENS DANGEROUS BACTERIA: UPM-750 contains ultra-purified monolaurin, an FDA approved mono-ester found in mother's breast milk and coconuts, which naturally weakens the cell membrane of dangerous microorganisms, specifically Borrelia, the bacteria responsible for Lyme. Monolaurin will attach itself to the bacteria's lipid protein envelope, which prevents bacteria from replicating and weakens the bacteria's membrane so your immune system can begin to naturally eradicate the Borrelia bacteria.

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The Autoimmune Disease is a complicated problem in dogs. It is ...
The Autoimmune Disease is a complicated problem in dogs. It is ...

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Autoimmune Liver Disease – Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Chronic Active ...

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Lyme Disease Symptoms in Dogs – Spotting an Infection in Your Dog

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