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Yahoo answers: What is the most important part of the Digestive System?

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    You need all parts - without one, you couldn't survive. I really don't know how someone would expect you to "pick one", when really, when you need all of them. One is not "more important" then...

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  • Important Nutrients You Need for Healthy Digestion

    The entire digestive process is meant to help you absorb the nutrients from your foods so they can be used in your body to keep you healthy, energized and keep your gut healthy. Since your digestive tract houses more bacterial cells than the cells in
    Source: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/important-nutrients-you-need-for-healthy-digestion/

  • Limes Are Sublime for Liver Health

    Lime's nutrients can aid many parts of the body – including the liver. Whether intending to prevent Lime Water – Squeeze a fresh lime into a glass of water in the morning to kick-start your digestive system and stimulate the liver. Lime Dressing
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  • Blood Clots, Liver Cells and Bird Flu Are Surprisingly Beautiful Under a ...

    It's among myriad examples of vivid micrographs and MRI scans the science writer has curated to show cells, blood vessels, organs and diseases from a unique and sometimes startling perspective. convey some of the wonder I feel about the complex
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  • Hill author turns tables on childhood obesity epidemic

    His chest unzipped to reveal plush internal organs that children could touch. Students would “feed” him and then be able to experience the food's journey through his digestive system. “When I moved to Philadelphia,” she explained, “and started my
    Source: http://www.chestnuthilllocal.com/2015/02/12/hill-author-turns-tables-childhood-obesity-epidemic/

  • 5 Green Foods Good For The Gut

    Greens are also rich in chlorophyll, which lowers inflammation in all parts of the body, including the digestive tract. Ever had an acidic stomach? No fun, right? What about indigestion? Nope, it's a bummer too, which is why it's important to eat
    Source: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/green-foods-good-for-the-gut/

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Digestive system
Digestive system

Parts of the Digestive System
Parts of the Digestive System

digestive system
digestive system

Digestive System
Digestive System

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