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Yahoo answers: How do the circulatory system, respiratory system and digestive system function together and how do they meet?

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    Whoa....rather a complex question that requires an extensive answer to be complete and detailed. Even with my pretty good knowledge of anatomy I can't do it typing from memory. Let me refer you...

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    This important mineral is also necessary for healthy nervous system function that affects digestion. When you consider foods that optimize gut health, it's always smart to consider which ones benefit the nervous system and help calm you down. The
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    The liver produces bile to metabolize fat in the bloodstream, an essential digestive function. Important for Lime Water – Squeeze a fresh lime into a glass of water in the morning to kick-start your digestive system and stimulate the liver. Lime
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    His study's results were encouraging: Although the small particles were found passing through the digestive tract, microplastics were not absorbed or accumulated in the digestive glands of these animals. So, it's conceivable that people ingest
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 ... basic functions of the digestive system. Try this diagram for review
... basic functions of the digestive system. Try this diagram for review

Function of Digestive System | Scienceray
Function of Digestive System | Scienceray

Digestive System: Anatomy, Function & Common Problems
Digestive System: Anatomy, Function & Common Problems


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