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10x8 Print of Cross-section diagram of human digestive system (13561661)

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Yahoo answers: What household items can I use to make a 3D model of the digestive system?

  • Biology

    - tubes from paper towels - pipes - plastic bottles (for stomach, won't look pretty, but you can try to cut it to give it shape), paper bag, balloon...? - plastic cups (connect them together) - if...

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    Further analysis of these studies also showed that the lowest grade workers had not only more heart disease, but also more of some cancers, lung disease, digestive disease, depression, suicide. Was this difference the result of lifestyle, poverty or
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    Ordinarily there is a challenge to orally administering drugs, in that rarely do they survive the acidic contents of the digestive tract long enough to effectively deploy their pharmaceutical payload. This problem becomes even more pronounced when
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  • Some trilobites sported dual digestive tracts

    Six of the trilobites had a normal digestive system: one mouth, one bulb-shaped stomach and a single tapering intestine connected to an anus. However, two trilobites presented a different digestive diagram, Rutana said October 21 at the Geological
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    Here's the reality to our 'internal' and 'external' environments: The human body has developed in such a way that the alimentary canal (digestive system) forms a path through the body. In this way As shown in the Venn diagram, there is a
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  • Is This the End of The Magic School Bus Era?

    It makes the difference between, say, a student who learns about the digestive system courtesy of Ms. Frizzle's imaginary class field trip through the mouth and esophagus to the human stomach and one who has to do so by analyzing a textbook diagram or 
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Digestive System Diagram ~ Digestive Diseases
Digestive System Diagram ~ Digestive Diseases

Digestive system diagram - public domain clip art image @ wpclipart ...
Digestive system diagram - public domain clip art image @ wpclipart ...

... Digestive System Diagram: Human anatomy digestive system diagram
... Digestive System Diagram: Human anatomy digestive system diagram

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