demyelinating diseases of the brain

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Yahoo answers: i have chronic demyelinating brain disease confirmed by MRI what precautions should i take ?

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    Only your neurologist knows your case and can advise you. Sorry.

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    Researchers noted that after 2 years, the 70 patients with secondary progressive MS (SPMS) showed a 43% reduction in annualized brain atrophy rate compared to 70 patients on placebo. They even showed a “slight but significant” “I think that

  • Spinal Cord, Retinal Measures Independently Relate to MS Disability

    Two common categories of multiple sclerosis symptoms, visual and sensorimotor, are associated with lesions in the spinal cord (SC) and optic nerve. The symptoms also co-occur frequently in specific classes of demyelinating diseases such as

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    Traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) is a severely disabling condition that can result in full or partial paralysis, as well as sensory and autonomic dysfunction. SCI has an estimated incidence of 12,000 new cases In a later chronic phase, there is

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    Demyelination by MS. The CD68 colored tissue shows several macrophages in the area of the lesion. Original scale 1:100. Credit: Marvin 101/Wikipedia. Stem cell transplants may be more effective than the drug mitoxantrone for people with severe cases of

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    We put a bolt in her skull to measure her intracranial pressure. We treated her aggressively to keep the pressure in a tolerable range, so that her brain would continue to be perfused with blood, giving her mannitol (a powerful diuretic) every time her

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Demyelinating Diseases
Demyelinating Diseases

Diagnosis of demyelination diseases depend on the specific disease.
Diagnosis of demyelination diseases depend on the specific disease.

Diseases and Infections of the Brain: Part One - PsychOnThis!
Diseases and Infections of the Brain: Part One - PsychOnThis!

Demyelinating Diseases; Central Nervous System Demyelinating Diseases ...
Demyelinating Diseases; Central Nervous System Demyelinating Diseases ...

Demyelinating Disease
Demyelinating Disease

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    Some demyelinating diseases are caused by genetics, some by infectious agents, ... Alzheimer's disease, depression and other diseases affecting the brain.
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    ... that surrounds nerve fibers in your brain and spinal cord. ... MS and other demyelinating diseases most commonly result in vision loss, muscle weakness, ...
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    Blindness. The optic nerve, the nerve responsible for relaying sight to the brain, is the only cranial nerve affected by demyelinating diseases.